Monday, July 23, 2007

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!!

A week ago, Jason's sister Kelley and her husband Scott were out here for a visit to Nashville. And over that weekend, Jason had been planned for the four of us to take a trip to Chicago and see some sights and attend a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. We took off on our adventure Friday afternoon and drove the 8 hours up to Chicago. It really is a beautiful drive and for a lot of the drive, Jason was able to practice singing from memory a bunch of number #1 hits just in case he gets on Don't Forget The Lyrics. As much as I thought Jason could remember every song imaginable, his sister Kelley put him to shame, cause she remembers even more songs than he does!! The two were quite the duo belting out all kinds of hits from the 50's through the 80's.
Once we got to Chicago, we were surprised to find out that our hotel had been overbooked and only one room was available. So we had ourselves a little slumber party and stayed all together the first night. You can see the made up bed where Scott is standing in this picture I've included.
Saturday was full of sight-seeing! We took the Architectural Boat Tour of Chicago in the morning and walked around Chicago in the beautiful sunshine.
Chicago is really a huge city. I think its way bigger than Seattle and I was almost overwhelmed with their transportation system. There were subways above & below the ground, buses, was crazy. We of course had to experience the deep-dish Chicago-style pizza for lunch, which didn't disappoint. Later that evening we headed over to the Sears tower, which at one time was the tallest building in the world. 110 floors! I was nervous at first to ride the elevator up that high, but it literally took just a little more than a couple minutes to get to the top - that's fast!! The view was breathtaking and felt more like a view from an airplane, than an actual building. Even the other skyscrapers looked small in comparison.
Unfortunately the evening ended early for us because I wasn't feeling that well thanks to my tooth/jaw thing and an upset stomach. I'm hoping that in the future we can find a cheap southwest flight and head up for another weekend when I'm feeling better and can enjoy it more. I know its one of Jason's favorite cities and there's just too much to see and do to fit in just one weekend. Plus I've been told the shopping is amazing and I would love to see inside some of the stores ;-)
Sunday we slept in and started the morning out right with Starbucks - which was conveniently located right across from our hotel! Then it was off to the subway or "L", whichever it is, it head over to Wrigley Field. We weren't quite sure where we were going, so we decided to just follow everyone in Cubs attire. The field was so awesome. I'm used to Safeco Field, where everything is so new, but this place was so authentic and old, I loved it. We ate hot dogs, cotton candy, peanuts - and top it all off, the Cubs had a great game!
The drive back was a bit long and I had to work the next morning - but overall the weekend was pretty fun and we got some great pictures. Hopefully we can go back again soon and spend more time there. Enjoy all the pictures!


Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful city, the weather was gorgeous and you went up the "former" tallest building in the world.. just like Lorette and I did in 1970 when we went up the Empire State Bldg. At that time, it was still the tallest, but we could see the Twin Trade Towers being built which were the "new" champions of height.. until the SEARS Tower replaced them. Now, it's another set of Twin Towers far away in a place I could have gone to on R&R.. Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.. A Cub game at Wrigley Field - WOW! That's pretty special! I never have been to Chicago. I just skirted it on the way home with Mick in 1971 - TOO BIG of a city to get lost in. Never realized how beautiful it was
... I'm really glad that you are having such a great time together.
It's so great to see what God brought together in His time. It really was worth the wait. You look radiant, dear. It blesses my heart to see you so very happy!!!
LOVE to you Both... DAD

The Stockwells said...

Hi Kim!
Sorry it has taken me SO long to reply to your comments on my blog. I too check your blog all the time. Its so fun keeping up with you in Nashville. It looks like you have carved out such a wonderful life there :) And it looks like a lot of fun! :) I pray that your jaw ache heals :) Yuck! There is nothing worse then mouth pain......because then you cant enjoy food. And what is life without food :) Anyways I will stop rambeling. Im glad you are doing well....marriage looks wonderful on you.