Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wow have we been busy! This last week has been so crammed with activity - and as Kati will attest to, there's never a dull moment in the Keith home. And as a disclaimer, this blog contains quite a few kissing you'll just have to deal.

I had forgot to mention that last Thursday night I took Kati to see a friend of ours performing at Christopher's Pizza downtown. After shopping for Kelley's wedding, we met up with my friend Brooke and saw our friend Cody Bender and his band perform. Which by the way, Cody is the one that sings "Unspoken" on Jason's MySpace page. I attached a picture of him for y'all below. Then Friday night was Kelley's wedding and only one picture turned out cause the lighting wasn't all that great. It was a very low-key wedding and small reception and we stayed for a couple hours before heading downtown to peek in on Jason while he was working. After all, we were all dressed up and had to get a little mileage out of looking cute :-) I added a picture of Kelley & Doug from their wedding and then this is also Kati and I all dolled up for the wedding.
Saturday Kati & I were up early (at least early for me on a Saturday) by 8:30am and off to LP Field where The Call was being held as an all day event. And it was hot - very hot. Thankfully we were able to get up to the club level where there was plenty of air conditioning to cool off every now and then. We weren't quite sure what to expect of the event, but it turned out to be mostly prayer, worship & testimonies. It was pretty good and I really enjoyed the music. Even our local celebrity artists Ricky Skaggs & Michael W. Smith (who is a worship leader at a church out here) showed up to do a couple songs. Kati held out and stayed through the whole day, while I left to meet up with Jason at 4:30 that afternoon. One thing that I thought was so funny though, was this guy's t-shirt. He was hardcore I'm tellin' ya. If you click on the picture, you can see a close up of Jesus in a boxing ring and it says "Undefeated" below it. It reminded me of the t-shirts my dad used to wear when we were kids!! This one's for you dad! Now speaking of Jason....what was he up to that morning you might be wondering? Well let me just tell you. He was auditioning at a casting call for a new show called, "What Are The Lyrics?"! We had seen this show advertised on TV before and he had mentioned on numerous occasions that he would love to be on that show. Ok babe. Then there Kati & I am sitting watching TV after the wedding Friday night when the ad comes on TV and says that there will be open casting calls at the Wildhorse Saloon Saturday afternoon!! Get out!! When Jason got home, I was so excited to tell him that he the opportunity to actually try out! At first he was like, "No...I've got too much going on tomorrow". WHAT??!! "Boy, you better get your buns down there and win us a million dollars!" For those of you that don't know this, my sweet husband has a mind of steel. He can memorize a song on the radio the second time he hears it. He sings along to every song from Nat King Cole to Fergie! It's a gift I believe he's picked up from his mom, because she too remembers lyrics amazingly well too. So anyway - he brushes off the idea and I head off to bed, shocked that he's not jumping at the idea. 3:30am rolls around and I feel this tapping on my arm. "I have to do this, I have to try out or I'll kick myself for not going. What time do you think I should be there?" Atta baby! So Saturday morning he grabs his water, stool, book and hat and heads to wait in line at the Wildhorse Saloon. My poor love sat there by himself for over an hour before anyone else showed up. He was the first one in line and ready to audition. And boy did he make me proud! He had to take a written test to weed out the people that weren't that good, then he had to sing in front of a group - which he did his impersonation of "Swingin" by Jon Anderson and everyone loved and finally he also sang "Two Pina Coladas" by Garth Brooks. They loved him and asked him to come back the following day for another audition. Yea!!

Sunday we headed off to church and then lunch with Genesis & Steven at Baja Burrito. Then Jason was off to his next audition. Once again they wanted him to sing, but this time on camera! They gave him a list of 5 songs and told him to pick the one he knew the best. So there's my rugged manly husband beltin' it out to "Girls Just Want to Have Fun" by Cindy Lauper. Making me proud. He sang it again for Kati & I when he got home and oh my word. If this is ever aired on national television, you will all die from laughing so hard. They loved him and asked if he knew any pop songs, so he gave them a little Fergie. The show airs tonight on Fox for the first time at 8.30pm. If the show does well, they will start filming more episodes and we'll wait to hear back on whether they want to keep Jason. They really liked him a lot and said to not worry if it takes a few weeks to hear back from them. So who knows - his gift of remembering lyrics could possibly win us a lot of money!! Don't forget to watch tonight to support the show!
Last night was Jason's championship baseball games. He had two back to back and played so incredibly well! They won both their games and it was so much fun & exciting to watch! The second team was a young one and very cocky. They thought they were going to school our more "mature" team, but we had something else for them in mind :-) And for them playing two games back to back with even a couple guys gone, I was so proud of how well they played!! Jason was out there hitting home runs and stealing was so awesome! Here's a couple pictures from the game that Kati took with her phone. The first is me giving Jason his congratulatory kiss even though he's all sweaty and gritty (thus the face) and the second picture is of his team.

Kati & I are both here at work today. It's her first day at the office and the poor thing is so bleary-eyed. Unfortunately, she got so used to Jason's schedule the last week staying up with him till the wee hours of the morning, that she couldn't fall asleep last night and is soo tired. We had to do a little Starbucks to help kick-start the day. Jason picked up his sister Kelley and her husband Scott last night at the airport pretty late and they're home hanging out today. I'm not sure what we'll be up to tonight, since Jason has to work and I'll be home with everyone. Of course, I could always force everybody to watch So You Think You Can Dance and What Are The Lyrics and order pizza. :-) Sounds like fun to me!


John n Rach said...

You two are so cute! That is... you and Katie AND you and Jason. Glad you got some time with your sis'. Missing You, Rach

Anonymous said...

Wow.. Are you having a great time being married or what! Such a talented hunk of guy you got! The money should start pouring in one way or another with all Jason's talent (and your good looks, my dear daughter) So,....
congratulations on winning your baseball championship, Jase!!
Y'all enjoy the Long. Hot Summer!!
Sounds like the best, darned summer yer'v ever had :-) Love DAD