Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Call To Prayer!!

Many of you might remember a post I dedicated last year to Eric Volz's unjust imprisonment. It turns out that yesterday the Appelatte Court finally made their decision to rule that Eric Volz is innocent!

It's a HUGE answer to prayer!

He has been in prison for over a year now and was originally sentenced to 30 years by Judge Ivette Toruno, after she threw out all the evidence and the testimonies of over 10 witnesses. He was found guilty for a murder he did not commit. It was believed by his family and many others that the Judge made the ruling as a result of fearing for her life. During the trial, there was riots outside the courthouse demanding his life for justice and death threats to the Judge herself. Here we are over a year later and the Appelatte Court has finally came to their decision and ordered that he be released, but the Judge who originally convicted him has to sign the papers in order for him to be physically released from jail.

She refuses to sign the papers and has told her staff not to bother her with this!!!

So Eric remains in prision and the Judge is being held in contempt of court! This is an outrage! She must obviously fear for her life. The reason why this case is such a huge burden of mine, is because he is a cousin to my dear friend Alicia here in Nashville. I have watched her go through the fire this year and the toll its taken on her and her family. God is huge and has answered a massive prayer that seemed impossible. Now I ask all of you to PLEASE stand with us in prayer for Eric's safety. As the Judge delays his release with her refusing to sign his release papers, the intensity of the Nicaruaguan people's anger grows. The media is encouraging the Nicaruagan people to take justice into their own hands!! He needs to be released in safety as soon as possible so he can get home to his family here in Nashville! Please pray with us!

The Today Show interviewed Eric's mom Maggie this morning on the situation, and you can watch it by clicking here.

For the full story on Eric's unjust conviction to a Nicaruaguan prison, you can watch his video here:

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