Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Thanksgiving Trip to Seattle

So Thanksgiving was a lot of fun and we managed to pack in as much as we could possibly handle in 6 days time. Unfortunately I wasn't taking pictures the entire time, but more relied on my little sister to handle the photo responsibilities.

But what I do have, I thought I'd go ahead and post according by which day we were there.

Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Day turned out just like I had hoped it would be! We first awoke to mom gobbling through the house "flying the turkey"! It's a little family tradition of ours and the perfect way to start the day. Then we headed to the living room to watch was left of the Macy's parade and eat gooey cinnamon rolls. The rest of the day was spent working on a puzzle that Jerry & Sherry had bought us for the holidays... and eating, eating and more eating! Mom made a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner with a new addition that I absolutely loved, baked sweet potatoes!! Yum! Everything about the day was so relaxing and fun, and it felt so great to be home for yet another Thanksgiving. And Dad finally had another man around to play Chess, Scrabble and answer Trivia Pursuit questions. You know I have to mention that Jason beat Dad at every game they played, because after all these years when Dad constantly would win at those games and gloat about it - he finally got what was coming to him :-) ha!

On Friday night, Dad treated us all out to an amazing dinner at Salty's on Alki. The sky was crystal clear, giving us an incredible view of downtown Seattle beneath a full moon. It couldn't have been more beautiful. And the food was so good. Jason and I were so full just after those two days that we didn't have much of an appetite for the rest of our trip! But what else are the holidays for but to spend time with friends and family and stuff yourselves silly!
This is what Dad looks like after a full long day with all his Kelly girls :-) Hee hee....Saturday
Saturday was a total blast and filled with lots of fun things; like a carousel ride downtown, warm Starbucks coffee, a yummy Cheesecake Factory lunch, seeing "Enchanted" the movie and spending some much needed, warm-fuzzy company with our dear friends Roy & Loree Rowland and the Frees family. It was so much fun, I wished it wouldn't have gone by so fast! We hope to get together again in the near future for maybe a few days away by a lake out here in Tennessee - wouldn't that be fun?! I was a total dummy and didn't take any pictures that day, so I had to "borrow" some pictures that Loree had taken (which by the way, she did a great job!)
On the Sunday night we were there, I was able to get together with some friends of mine and finally catch up on life. The ironic thing was - almost every single one of them was pregnant, well except for the guys and my dear Katie King. I'm thinking there must be something in the water out there. I was sad that Tom & Katie Hallstrom were unable to be back in town in time, since after all it was hosted at their house. But we knew they were there in spirit with us! I got some great pics with my friends and I'm so glad they were able to be there - I have missed them all so much! Plus with Jason joining me in Seattle this time, it was a great opportunity for them to get to know him better. Everyone brought really yummy desserts to much on and we just sat around the table laughing at different stories. Here's Katie King & I giving big squeezes!
Vanessa & Josh Curtis surrounded by all the sugary-goodness. I was so glad they were able to make it. Pregnancy hasn't been easy on her so far, and I'm praying she starts to feel a little better soon.
Aaron & Heidi Powell - check out her cute baby bump! I can't believe Aarons' gonna be a dad to a little boy!
Josiah & Karlee Blake - also expecting sometime early next summer. These two got some great genes, cause they're daughter Jordyn (below) is absolutely adorable!!
Miss Jordyn Blake. So stinkin cute.
My Nessa Roo :-) And no, I'm not pregnant - its just an unflattering angle.

Monday evening we were able to catch up with Chris Ross over coffee at Starbucks. It was the only day it rained while we were there and I absolutely loved it. The rain is so different back home than it is here, and I didn't realize how much I had missed it. It really did put a big smile on my face.

After we caught up with Chris, we then headed over to our friends Deb & Erik Nielsen's house for dinner. I hadn't seen them since they came out to Nashville earlier this year. And it was so good to hang out and enjoy some of Deb's delicious enchiladas. And Emily is getting so big! Its amazing how fast time flies and what all changes when you've been away for a while.

Then finally on Tuesday, we headed back to Nashville - to our very own home. We definitely needed that week away to get rejuvenated before starting again on the house and work on all our unpacking. But it gave us the rest we needed to get back into the swing of things here at home.
We felt very much loved while we were there and will miss you all until our next visit!

Happy Holidays!

The Keiths


Katrina Hope said...

It was such a good trip- I can't wait to see you guys again! Love you!

That last pic of you two is really cute!!

We finally got our tree tonight (as you heard the pre-drama of, lol) and mom and I set it up and she is already putting the lights up!! PROGRESS is a lovely thing! CHRISTMAS! CHRISTMAS! CHRISTMAS!

I wish I could hide in Kris' carry-on...and come spend a little time in the christmas season there with you two (well, three, couting Jason of course!) You are going to have such a great time!

Me love you long time!

The Stockwells said...

Looks like you guys had an wonderful time! I miss the rain in Seattle too!! Rain in Denver is nothing like the rain in Seattle.
Vanessa is looking SO much like her Mom.
Your new home is beautiful and I am so glad that life in Nashville is going well. Isnt God good to bring you such a wonderful husband!!! I still think your story is one of the best.
I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas.