Friday, December 21, 2007

All Things Christmas

Here's our beautiful Christmas tree! Note the saw in front of the fireplace :-) It's red, so it matches the decorations. I took a few close-ups of different ornaments and the stockings - enjoy! And no tree would be complete without a Banks sleeping beneath it! Can you see her?
the mantle where the stockings are hung with careI love decorating the house for Christmas, everything is so cozy and sparkly.

And these are some of my favorite ornaments - like this ZZTop Santa I got last year.
And mine & Jason's First Christmas ornament my parents got me in 2005
And I've always loved this thick crackled glass red ornament that my mom gave me one year.
I got Mr & Mrs Snowman Ornaments this year at Old Time Pottery.
This year Jason and I have done a TON of baking as Christmas gifts. With the new house we've been a little more strapped with unexpected things to take care of, not to mention still trying to settle in. But the treats we've made have turned out so pretty and taste pretty good too if I do say so myself :-)
These would be Jason's hands reaching for the frosted sugar cookies. By far these are the prettiest sugar cookies I ever made. Now if only they survive the shipping! Kris celebrated her 25th birthday with us last weekend! We tried to make it a relaxing but enjoyable time for her. We took her to Opryland Hotel to see all the pretty lights and had a really nice dinner together at a fancy place in the hotel. We watched movies, ate junk food and I even attempted to make her a pumpkin cheesecake...yeah not so much. At least it looked nice for the picture. Isn't she cute blowing out her candles?
Happy Birthday Kris-tin!

Soon I'll post some really cute Christmas cards we've received! Christmas is just in 4 days y'all!!


Katrina Hope said...

Those cookies look so yummy!!! I can't wait for a little bit of your baking to reach me... yummmEEE!

Jay, Tina & kids said...

Merry Christmas! We love you and miss you and hope you had a great time together opening presents and celebrating your 1st Christmas in your new home.

John n Rach said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas in your new home! Love the picture of Banks under the tree. love ya, Rach