Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy 2nd Anniversary to Us!

Two years have already flown by - and its really quite hard to believe. We've made some incredible memories together already and I cannot even wait to make some more! The 14th was our actual anniversary and we both took the day off so we could have a "pamper-Kim-and-Jason" day. We had booked appointments for a couple massage at the Escape Spa in Belle Meade. It was so much fun and so relaxing - something we could EASILY get used to. We arrived 45 minutes early to check in and to take advantage of the steam room. It was perfect, not too hot and we were allowed to lock the doors for a little privacy. After our steam, we went out into the lobby dressed in our silky chocolate robes and slippers and sat in the lobby that had a ceiling much like a night sky with twinkling little lights. We sipped on yummy cucumber water and wafer snacks that surprisingly were really delicious! I had almost dozed off on Jason's shoulder when our two massage therapists came to meet us and take us to our room. Inside the room was this really pretty dimly lit atmosphere with two massage tables, one up on a higher platform than the other and separating the two was an eternity tub for two lit up in soft pastel lights. There were candles lit and soft music, ahhh....there's nothing like an afternoon at the spa! After our 60 minute deep tissue massage, they left us to soak in the hydrotherapy tub for 20 minutes. It felt amazing and everything was so perfect. We left refreshed, soothed and even a bit sore. I so highly recommend it to all my friends out here too - everyone was so friendly and accommodating, I hope to definitely go back! Feeling quite hungry, we headed over to the Bread and Company for a little salad and sweet tea. We had somewhat forgotten what area of town we were in, cause that little bit of salad and tea cost us $26!!! Live and learn I guess right? Shortly after our lunch we headed home to relax and exchange our cards for each other. Jason had also surprised me with something I had been wanting for quite a while now - a new Bible with a really pretty chocolate woven leather cover engraved with my married name on it!!
It's so beautiful too! I'm very excited to start on my New Years resolution to read the New Testament from it - as a matter of fact, I've already gotten started!

To finish off the day together, we got dressed up and headed to The Stoney River Steakhouse in West End for a delicious dinner. Jason had a steak that was actually cured in coffee! I wonder if anyone in Seattle has picked up on this little trick? It was so good too! Everything was so wonderful and I would love to take my parents there sometime when they come for another visit, I think they would absolutely love it.

We also received some cards & gifts from our families, which was really fun! Kati sent us a Dama Stovetop Espresso Maker from Starbucks - I included a picture of it, and I'm sure we'll love using it once we figure out how it works. :-)

Then Mom & Dad Kelly sent us a check to get something fun for the house, but where do we even begin? I'm thinking of looking up a house plaque with our name on it or something - I'll have to think about that one for a bit.

Mom & Dad Keith sent us a sweet package that included these really cute coffee towels for our coffee cart that Sherry hand-stitched herself! I can so appreciate that, since I too love to hand-stitch things. They're so pretty though, I don't think I can bring myself to subject them to coffee stains, so I'm tempted rather to frame them and hang in our coffee corner!And there was also this blue coffee tray for serving our delicious cups of javaand something I'm so excited to use!...little pie cut-outs from Williams Sonoma! They look so much fun!!
So when the pie is finished, it looks like this!And then Williams Sonoma has this pie plate that I am absolutely in love with, so now I have to get this at some point to match our kitchen and to use with the cut-outs!!

It was a rare occasion, but Jason had four whole days off this last weekend and we had a lot of much needed time together and spending it with friends as well. Friday night was girls night, where some of us girls from work get together and go out to dinner and drinks (or in my case, a shirley temple). We decided to try something other than the Morton's happy hour and went down to Hillsboro Village and had dinner at Boscos - yummy! There were 8 of us girls total!! It was such a blast - and when I was driving home later that night talking to Jason on the phone, I told him how much I am blessed with some wonderful friendships out here in Tennessee. I'm not much of an outgoing person, so making friends has been really rough for me. I'm not as trusting to put it all out there on the line, so I've been observing a lot and really testing the waters before opening up. And after a year and a half I've finally come to a place where I've made some really great friends and love to hang out with them when we get the chance.

Here's my homegirls from work - we have so much fun together! Brooke is on the left and Kacie on the right and when the three of us get together, there's sure to be trouble. Brooke is my cube-neighbor. Our cube walls are about chest high, so when something weird, funny or bad happens in the office, our little heads pop up above the walls like little turtles and we start laughing at each other. Then Kacie has also become a really good friend - but she is one busy girl working part time at the office as a paralegal and then going to law school full time at night. Its rare when the three of us can actually all get together, but when we do - we have such a blast!

Here's Kacie with Kathy in the middle and Angela on the right. I really haven't gotten to know Kathy all the well until recently, because when I first started working at Adams & Resse, she was about ready to have a baby and then shortly after her maternity leave she found out she had thyroid cancer and had to be home with surgeries and treatments. She is one strong woman and I really admire her great attitude and hard work ethic. Then Angela on the right is actually still pretty new here - she is so much fun and has an accent like you wouldn't believe! I love listening to her talk and I swear she's one of the funniest people I know.

And then I had to include this last picture I had of Brooke being a goofball. We like to go on movie dates and see chick flicks together. The last movie we saw together was Atonement, which we both totally enjoyed.

Saturday I got to spend 2 hours on the phone with one of my closest and dear friends Jessica, who I've missed like crazy these last couple years!! Then later that night, Jason and I met up with our friends Nick & Mel for dinner. On Sunday after church we did a little shopping at Pier 1 with a gift card we received at Christmas and got a rug for our dining room!

It was such a relaxing and fun weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it! Thanks for all the voicemails, messages and cards - we love you all and are grateful for your friendship!


jay & tina said...

Happy Anniversary you guys! Sorry we missed it. I'm glad it was such a great day for you. Love you and miss you

Jay & Tina

John n Rach said...

Happy Anniversary. What a wonderful day of celebrating. I'm looking forward to some updated pictures of your home with your "stuff" in it and "your" colors on the walls... hint hint. :>)

John n Rach said...

p.s. Let me know how you like your little espresso maker. John said he wants one... but I'm skeptical.

Katrina Hope said...

ahhh, what a wonderful day. And I loved the pics of the girls from the office. I'm looking forward to visiting again and coming in to say hi to everyone....maybe I'll bring Paul a pound of Starbucks coffee :) I sent you a christmas card for all my friends at the office, but it got returned for some reason- so weird. It made me sad when I saw it was returned.

I love you two dearly- call me soon so I can explain the directions for the "perculator" to you.

Love you 2!