Thursday, January 17, 2008

You gotta love Billy!

So what can I say?....but that we love Billy Currington.

For the fourth time, Billy Currington came into Mortons last night and had a little chat with Jason. But first let me give you a little recap of prior conversations with him in a nutshell.

First Visit - Jason asks Billy if he wouldn't mind listening to one of his songs. Billy says "Sure, if you can get it to me before I leave, I'll take it with me." (maybe not exact quote) So Jason calls me up and says, "Baby, can you get here with a CD for Billy Currington with a couple songs on it?". So I bust my tail to get dressed, burn a cd and rush down to Mortons. I meet Billy and his girlfriend Kristin and we give him the cd.

Second Visit - Billy comes in and tells Jason he loves his song. Kristin says she plays it in the car all the time.

Third Visit - Billy comes in with an entourage of industry folk and asks Jason if he's got "that song" cut yet? He's surprised it hasn't been cut and tells Jason to hang on, cause his time is coming. He also tells Jason that he loves his music and when he believes in something, he doesn't let it go. AND, he asks Jason if its ok that he was sharing the song with Craig Morgan. Um yea, I think we're ok with that.

Fourth Visit (last night) - Billy comes into Mortons with his girlfriend Kristin again and his manager. Kristin talks to Jason over by the bathroom and tells Jason that his song is by far her favorite one out of all the songs that Billy's been listening to for his upcoming album. She said she's told Billy to cut it cause it will for sure get on the radio as a single and go #1. (very sweet compliment). As Billy gets ready to head out, Jason and Billy cross paths again in the lobby of Mortons. Billy asks once again if Jason's got a cut on "that song" yet. Jason says no, still waiting for a break. Billy's manager, who was dining with them, asks Billy, "what song?" And I KID YOU NOT - Billy busts out singing Jason's song right there in the lobby!! "Hey beautiful kiss me goodbye, I hate to run but I gotta fly...." He freakin knew Jason's song off the top of his head!!! As awesome as that is, I only wish I was there myself to witness it.

We're getting there day at a time.On another note, Jason and I were able to see Tyler Hilton perform an acoustic set at a little place called The Basement in Nashville. The room was no bigger than my mom's living room! It was this cozy little venue and we got there a bit early to get a table up front. Not 5 feet from me, Tyler's standing there singing some of his latest songs he's written. I've been a big fan of Tyler Hilton since I saw his performance back three years ago on the One Tree Hill tour with Gavin DeGraw and The Wreckers. It was actually very close to the same time that I had just met Jason and I was able to take my sister Kati with me. We had such a blast and we both got to meet him and Gavin DeGraw after their concert. So here it is three years later, and I'm sitting at this little venue right in front of him at a cozy little table with my shirley temple and my man :-) How surreal life can be sometimes.

As Tyler was wrapping up his set, here comes one of the members of Little Big Town to shake his hand and meet him. (blonde guy in the picture above) I tried my best not to stare and let my jaw drop to the floor. Us...just chillin with the big boys. And as we're sitting there waiting for the next singer to come up and do his set, a particular huge songwriter who will remain nameless, that wrote with Jason years ago, comes up to Jason and says hi and I got an introduction. And the next thing out of this guys mouth is "I heard that song you wrote with Andrea Pearson - how the hell did you write such an awesome song?" Um Thanks? You gotta love the backhanded compliments these guys who are too big for their britches make. So of course - I step up to the plate and respond with - "Um excuse me, but my husband's been writing awesome songs for the last few years!" nice one. And then I think I threw something in there about being his muse...blah blah blah, let's not rehash that one. As we were getting ready to leave, he catches our eye again and I tell him it was nice meeting him and he tells me how lucky I am to have Jason and not to let him get away or something to that effect. I'm like - dude, your a flake - being as how he NEVER responds to emails or returns phone calls and then he goes off about ALL the people that are CONSTANTLY calling him, cause he's so big and amazing and - "Have someone in coach play fiddle for us!" and "Bring me the head of a pig!" (all you Brian Reagan fans will appreciate that). I'm all "cool, it was nice meeting you - bye!" and we walked out the door. Leave with the ball in our court ;-) SO there you go - a couple exciting days in the world of country music. Jason has had some great meetings with publishers and even with a couple labels pitching his music. He's gotten all positive feedback and we have a song being pitched this week to Julianne Hough, who is the winner from the last two seasons of Dancing With The Stars (she's making a country album, see picture above), and then he's got a couple songs being passed up to the Exec of A&R for BMG, which he's heard good things about. Then today he's meeting again with Jennifer Johnson, the lady who's been so supportive of Jason's music and has been trying to work something out where eventually she can offer Jason a writing deal at Midas Records, which is the publishing company she works for.

Something is bound to happen soon! So please keep us in prayers!!


Katrina Hope said...

That is all SOO exciting!!! I could totally hear Jason telling you the story about Billy especially in the "he freaking knew his song off the top of his head" part. I could even picture it! lol. Seriously, that is sooo cool!! It's getting closer and closer! Yeah for Billy Currington- Boo for songwriters who are too big for their britches. lol.

Have someone in coach play us the fiddle.

(Dad and I are watching an interview with Chuck wicks right now)

Katrina Hope said...

p.s. did Tyler ask about me?

Kim & Jason said...

Unfortunately I felt too much like an idiot to talk to him. Sorry Kati. But the good news is...he lives here, so on your next visit, you can talk to him yourself! :-)

Love you!