Thursday, January 31, 2008

We Can Only Hope

40 Schools in Williamson County of Tennessee closed today in ANTICIPATION of snow. Are you kidding me!!??? Reports are there MIGHT be a wintry mix coming across Williamson County so they just went ahead and closed the schools JUST IN CASE! I remember a day in elementary school sitting at my desk watching thick snowflakes fall from the sky accumulating all over the ground, walkways and railings...thinking to myself....I wonder if they'll ever let us leave school early because of all the snow? Ooohhh no, we didn't leave early that day and I believe the next day we got to come in maybe an hour late! It was a lot snow for Seattle at that time and yet even then, we toughed it out and the parents trekked through the wintery weather to pick up their kids at the regular dismissal hour. It's cracking me up that here in Tennesssee, where apparently the last time they had snow that accumulated and did anything at all to this city was like 6 years ago!! So now people get so freaked out at the idea of a big scary snowfall that they close schools because something MIGHT happen!

Here's what our forecast looks like with our local news:

WSMV Forecast
Rain likely this afternoon and evening, thundershowers included. Might see changeover to snow late tonight.
THURSDAY: Mostly cloudy with rain and isolated thunderstorms especially late in the day, winds east 5-10 mph. HIGHS: Nashville-46, Lawrenceburg-46, Dickson-46
THURSDAY NIGHT: Rain expected early with a change over to snow/rain mix late, winds south 5-10. Snowbird may well fly on Friday morning. LOWS: Nashville-32, Altamont-30, Dover-30

So the schools closed....makes total sense right? Oh and note to self - look up what the heck "Snowbird may well fly on Friday morning" means. Snowbird? Is this for real?


John n Rach said...

That's hysterical. Remember when you and I were on our way to MCs after a big snowfall. I left (to save time) about 8 inches of snow on the roof of my Pulsar and when we came down the hill on Simonds road all that snow SLID onto the windshield?! Do you remember that funny moment? Now, I ALWAYS brush the snow off my car roof! :>)

Kim & Jason said...

Oh my gosh I totally remember that moment, it was so hilarious!! And because of that, I too always brush the snow off the top of the roof! I've probably told Jason that story a dozen times - how funny!! And YET - we STILL drove in to MC's that day!!