Tuesday, February 05, 2008

1 Down, 11 To Go

So I've been doing a little tracking of staying on top of my New Years Resolutions. Since its the first year I've really taken them seriously, I've made a list of all my goals and then I update the list on how I did each month.

So here's a little status update (to keep me motivated and accountable more than anything!)

1. Journaling - I wrote in my journal over 10 times in January, not a bad start. 2. Exercise/Diet - My work is holding a weight-loss contest where we're supposed to lose at least 10 pounds in 10 weeks to qualify for some serious cash prizes. 4 weeks into the contest and I'm down 4 pounds!! As exciting as this is, all I can think about is that delicious coconut frosted donut down the street at Shipley's Donuts and baking ridiculously delicious desserts that I find on different blogs. Oh and I don't normally like yogurt, but after trying a bunch of different kinds, I discovered Breyers Smooth & Creamy in Peaches & Cream and Strawberry - they are so good! I can't wait to find the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor!
3. Honesty - I've had a chance to be able to speak honestly a number of times these last few weeks with family and friends about what's really on my heart. At times its been scary, fearing the response - sometimes its been really positive and other times...well I guess we'll see.

4. Read the New Testament - I've read Matthew 1-6! Kinda pitiful I know, so February will be much better!

5. Pray Out Loud - The Lord really spoke to me actually about this in Matthew and I feel a peace about praying out loud when He provides opportunties, but really being more concerned with praying alone to Him, because this is what He truly desires.

6. Read 20 books - One down, 19 to go! I finished The Choice by Nicholas Sparks and IT WAS SO GOOD!! I so recommend this book if your looking for a cozy sweet love story to curl up to with a blanket and hot cup of coffee.
7. Get The House In Order - I've been working my tail off on the guest room. It's almost done being painted. Jason put up beadboard and trim, so my job has been painting it all white. It's getting there!! And we also finished the living room, which was a big accomplishment!

8. Finish Repunzel - yea not so much.

9. Invitation Business Up & Running - I'll work on this when our office is all set up properly, which will happen once the desk is all sanded & ready to move from the front porch back into the house :-)

This last week has been a trying week for me. See we have this fun little leak in our roof that is causing water to drip through the ceiling in the office. And due to a lack of time & some financial constraints, we haven't been able to get it fixed yet. These kind of things really stress me out - so I literally just have to stay away from that part of the house so I don't see it, because if I look at it, then I dwell on it for hours working myself up into a frustrated frenzy.

Then last Wednesday Jason got into a head-on car accident with an elderly woman. I guess she didn't see Jason coming and proceeded to turn in front of oncoming traffice, pulling out in front of his truck. I was on the phone with him and he had to put the phone down to try & slow his truck in time, but all I heard was him yelling in the background and then a big crash. It sounded much worse than it was and thankfully they're both fine. The truck is a little damaged and it took a while for the cops to show up and fill out the report, but other than that - everything turned out ok, which really is a blessing from God.

We also had a wonderful time at our friends Super Bowl Party Sunday. Jason spent two days working on a pulled pork chili and by request, I made my Molasses Cookies with Pumpkin Fluff. Yummy! So you can imagine the diet went out the door that day! There were probably 12 of us there and we had so much fun!! I am so blessed with the friendships that we've made through our church - I just love'm!
So I guess other than the leak and the accident, it wasn't too bad of a week and it did end on a great note ;-)

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Katrina Hope said...

Yeah, I've been checking your blog on and off today, hoping you'd update!! I still haven't written out all my new years resolutions. I need to! We are already on the second month! thats 1/12 down! Crazy!

I love you and miss you lots, lots today!