Monday, February 25, 2008

Diets Suck

At the beginning of the new year, my office began a weight-loss contest. Whoever was interested in participating had to form teams of 4 people and then each person on that team had to lose a minimum of 10 pounds each in a 10 week period. It's not about who loses the most, so don't get all freaked out that I'm starving myself silly. That's a pound a week, which isn't all that terrible. And I felt like it was a reasonable goal. 7 weeks into this freakin thing and I'm only 4 pounds down. I've yo-yoed like crazy! I thought I could do this whole thing with having a cheat day every now and then (ie. super bowl party), but I have since discovered that I lose all control on my cheat days and gain back in ONE day what took 4 weeks to lose. It absolutely sucks. So now I'm having to go total hardcore and cut out ALL sweets (like the little hard candies I like to suck on and my bag of chocolates to help with cravings). I'm also cutting out more carbs and adding more protein, fruits and veggies to my diet....and I know, I know, I should probably get exercising too. What really sucks, is the moment one decides they're going to start a diet, all you can think about is DESSERTS! I wake up and think about donuts, at lunch I want cookies, dinner I'm thinking about ice cream - its out of control. And yet even when I wasn't dieting, I didn't eat all that in one day, nor did I probably even think about it as much as I am right now. I literally began a list of what I wanted to bake once these freakin 10 weeks are over.

So why am I putting myself through all this you might ask? Because if our team succeeds in losing 10 pounds each person, we'll be entered for a drawing to each win one of 33 $100 gift cards and then one team is entered into a drawing where each team member could win a $500 gift card!!! Of course it came down to winning money, why else would I be doing this? Sure, I want to be summer-swimsuit-ready, but not at this rate! It's only February for crying out loud! I think I can do it, I just need to stay strong and not give into temptation. Deep breaths. Only 6 pounds to go, and I can do this!!


The Stockwells said...

Where the heck do you have 10 lbs to lose? No wonder you dream about sweets at every meal. Are you exercising? That will probably be key to you losing the weight that you dont have to lose :)
I wish my office would do a weight lost contest. My weight has not been the same since I got married. Sucks :)
Glad to see you are doing well. Maybe one of these days our paths will cross.

Katrina Hope said... crack me up! take a walk...go walk all those stairs for 15 minutes during your lunch break, lol. Yes, exercise.

I know, I am such a hypocrite! But, I have finally started exercising again..Elise and I are doing pilates twice a week together, and I've begun trail running- thankfully its getting light earlier and earlier!!

You can do it- 6 more pounds!