Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!

I hope everyone is hanging in there in what appears to be a very nasty cold & flu season! I've been doing my part to take my airborne daily, wash my hands regularly and drink plenty of water. So far, so good.

Tomorrow Jason & I attend our first marriage seminar, "Love, Sex & Marriage" by a well known author & inspirational speaker, Joe Beam. He's featured on the country music radio once a week in the mornings and I've often heard him answer many difficult questions with such wisdom from a Biblical perspective. He's also been a guest at our church a few times to preach when Bobby was out of town. I'm so excited and some friends of ours from church will also be there with us. I'm looking forward to it, I think it will be both encouraging & challenging, but yet lots of fun too.

Other fun news - on February 21st, Heidi & Aaron Powell welcomed thier beautiful new little baby boy into the world, Aiyers Gideon Powell! I so wished I was there with them during all the excitement. Aaron was great about texting a bunch of us the progress of the delivery. I can't believe he's a dad now! Time is flying!

It seems like so many of my friends are beginning to grow their families - Karlee is expecting a baby girl in July; Katie Hallstrom, who's also due in July, will soon find out what she's having; Vanessa's expecting a baby girl in April and looks so adorable with the tummy getting bigger every day; and Kate Barnette recently found out that she too is expecting sometime in September. Its an epidemic I tell you! I'm so excited for all of them and its hard to believe we all grew up together and have seen various phases of each others lives.
I also just recently got pictures from my friend Genesis of a wedding we all went to last month for our friends Melanie & Ryan Sutton and then of the super bowl party we had at Matt & Amy Walter's home. They're kinda fun and thought you all might enjoy them.
Jason & I at dancing at the wedding.

My friend Genesis & I at the wedding.
Steven & Genesis DeLong
Amy, myself & Alicia watching the super bowl - well sorta. Let's just say I was more there for the relationship, rather than the football ;-)

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