Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mine All Mine!

I sold my black Mercedes C230 last Saturday through Craigslist and cried as I pulled away from the buyer's house. I covered my head with the bill of sale and bawled in Jason's truck as we pulled away and he asked what he could do to make me feel better. I felt like such a dork, but I get very emotionally attached to things like that. That Benz was a big part of my life, it represented a lot of Seattle to me and starting my life over in Tennessee. We drove that baby all the way here and it's been good to me for the last number of years I've had it.

Jason asked if we stopped for a coconut frosted donut from my favorite donut shop, would that make me feel better?! My answer of course, "Abso-freakin-lutely!"

So with red-rimmed and puffy eyes, I drowned my sorrows in this.....
(ok, but really just one) I believe the cars I've driven over the years have represented the different seasons of my life.

First, there was the 79 Datsun 280Z. My car of independence and life as a teenager. Boy did the fellas like this car. I had to learn to drive a stick and only paid $800 for it off a friend of my dad's. For some reason the starter was never quite dependable, so I also learned how to hotwire it with a screwdriver :-)
Next there was the 85 Toyota Camry. I had this car when I first moved out on my own. Through another connection of my dad's, I bought this grandma car for $8,000. It was comfy though and extremely reliable. I had this baby from my early to mid-twenties and I later ended up selling it to my sister Kris. Memories of trips to the rodeo and out to Spokane come to mind with this one.After the Camry, I decided I wanted to pick out my own car and went all out and bought a black 1999 Mercedes C230 from a friend at work for $20K. I was making good money, had a great job, an apartment and loving the single life. This car was so good to me and rode awesome. It took me into my next stage of life of meeting Jason and driving me out to Tennessee. Now, five days later, I am the proud and very excited owner of a gorgeous 2002 Toyota 4Runner Limited 4x4! This will be the car that we tote around our two Labrador puppies (once we get them) and our first couple chillins (down the road). It gives us years of room to grow into. There will be camping trips with this one, taking the dogs to the park, bringing babies home from the hospital, driving out to the beach, family vacations.... I'm looking forward to the years to come!


Katrina Hope said...

Awww, I loved that post- almost brought tears to my eyes at the end. However, I feel it my responsibility to point out that you forgot to mention your VERY first car..."The Beast" ;)


Love you- and see you NEXT WEEK!!!

Anonymous said...

I want to see a pic of the beast

Katrina Hope said...


Katrina Hope said...

AND ADD A PIC OF "THE BEAST" about 'the boys loving it' ;)

Skyler and Suzanne said...

I remember the beast and this really took me down memory lane. I remember all your cars and I know what you mean about attachment. It was hard to let my Honda go, I felt a little unfaithful!?