Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Fun!

This last Friday night was our Small Group Girl's Valentines Night. Julie & I were brainstorming on what to plan for a girls night and came up with celebrating Valentines together over at her house. The girls were invited to come dressed in red, pink & white jammies, where we going to frost heart-shaped sugar cookies and watch chick flicks.
Five of us stayed overnight and we were up talking till 5am!!!!
Melanie C took a bunch of awesome pics while were cookie decorating, so I'll explain everyone from left to right in the pics.

Here's myself with Tabby and her friend Katie, who were part of the clan that crashed with us overnight. Melanie S. & Melanie C. Melanie C & IdaThey kept calling me Martha Stewart cause I went all OCD on the frosting.

I'm sorry, but I can't help it!
Ida, Kendall & Amy
IdaAlicia & JulieMelanie C, Melanie S, Alicia, Kendall & Ida Cute cookies! Group picture! We were told to be crazy.

Left to Right:
Back Row: Ida, Alicia, Kendall, Katie (I LOVE her face!), Melanie C
Front Row: Julie, Amy, Myself & Melanie S (scary with the spatula!) (Tabby got cut off!!)

They were very fast flashes, so I couldn't help that I had the same face twice!
Half the girls still being goofy.
Awww....all great smiles from everyone! And Tabby made it in the picture!!
I absolutely adore all these girls
and have been so blessed by their friendships!!

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Melanie said...

ahhhhh what a fun night! MUST DO MORE!