Wednesday, October 31, 2007

They Call Them Man-Boobs - or Moobs

So a couple of fun things in celebration of the holiday.

First - my dad sent me this video, which I thought was absolutely hilarious! If you can appreciate cats, then I think you'll enjoy this too - it reminds me A LOT of Banks :-)

Secondly, Jason and I went to the flea market with our friends Ben & Alicia this last weekend. We had an absolute blast looking around at all the fun things. But Jason happened to come across these rubber stress balls that had nipples on see where I'm going with this. So if your easily offended do not scroll down below and look at the picture of my husband once he found these, dare I say toys? I was laughing pretty darn hard. And the poor elderly woman next to him had no idea what to think. The best part was standing a little off to the side and watching as men noticed these balls sitting in the bucket and not being able to resist picking them up...we seriously all couldn't stop laughing.
If y'all send me pictures of your cute kids or grandkids (or even yourselves!) in full Halloween attire, I'll be sure to post them by the end of the week!

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John n Rach said...

Moobs? ...oh my goodness