Friday, October 26, 2007

So You Think You Can Dance!

Wednesday night was amazing! Jason and I went to the So You Think You Can Dance Tour here in Nashville and it was INCREDIBLE! I'm a huge fan of the show and was so excited to see some of my favorite dancers out there on stage in person. Neil! Sabra! Pasha! Sara!! Whoohoo!!
My friend Brooke and I had bought tickets as a big group and there was a total of 9 us sitting together in the best seats!!! Seriously, after the moment I sat down for the show, I couldn't stop smiling the entire time. Jason might even be a bit bruised from all the elbowing I continued to do to him every time I was amazed and excited over one of the dances. I so recommend going and hope to go every year there's a tour. No flash cameras were allowed unfortunately and it was pretty dimly lit, not to mention once the dancing began, I could've cared less about anything else, so I forgot to take my camera out till the very end when they were taking their bows.
After the show, Jason and I tried to take pictures of ourselves and they turned out ok, but then when we got home, we had a little fun with the camera and posed a little for ya! Oh yea, and I cut my hair last weekend! It's the shortest I've had it for years, but I really love it and Jason says he likes it too, but I think he's just trying to adjust to it too :-)
And um, whoa! Can you all see how freakin hot my man is!! I'm just gonna say it....Damn!
Because I finally downloaded my pictures, I also found the pictures that we took when we signed the contract on our house! We met up at Battered & Fried, one of our favorite East Nashville places to eat, with our realtor and friend Heidi and her man Ben. So I thought those would be fun pictures to add as well.
Homeowners, yup - that's us!! A couple more weeks and we should be in our new home. The foundation is in mid-repair (thanks to the tons of rain we've been getting) and we're in the midst of various other repairs inside the house too! But very exciting news...we have ourselves a new closet!! Yea!! We've finished painting the guest room and the office and have the bead-boarding to finish in the guest room and the chair rail in the office. Then we're on to paint the living room - I can't wait, its all coming together so nicely! We're exhausted, but excited too!! Our repair guys Charlies, Butch, and a couple other guys have been so incredible getting all the insulation installed in our roof, the plumbing stuff finished, putting up a new ceiling over the porch, installing a fan in the bathroom - they're the best and they're doing a great job!! I'll post some pictures of all the new developments on the house in the near future - right now we're trying to move things over little by little when we get the time together.
That's all I got for now - hope you enjoyed the pics!
All our love - The Keiths!

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Katrina Hope said...

Cute hair Kim! I wanna see some pictures of it styled more straight- you can't really see it fully in these pics. I also love your white/cream jacket- SOO cute! And yes, your man does look adorable in these pictures!

I love you- I'm glad you called tonight!
See you SOON!!!!!!!