Friday, October 05, 2007

Too Good Not To Share

So I apologize for taking so long to get the pictures that Tina took of our new home up on the blog. We downloaded them at the apartment, but I tend to spend the majority of my time on the computer here at work. So this weekend I will definitely post them all for you to see - they turned out great, as I knew they would!

But in the meantime, I had to share with you all the funniest thing that happened early this morning. Baby, you know its too good to keep to ourselves :-)

I have a horrible tendency to set my alarm WAY before I actually need to get up. Its debatable whether psychologically I feel more rested because I dupe myself into thinking I'm sleeping in more, or whether I'm actually keeping myself up and losing more sleep. And this I might add, is an ongoing conversation between Jason and I. But no matter, I set my alarm one hour before I actually HAVE to get out of bed and spend the next hour repeatedly hitting snooze. Jason has grown accustomed to this bad habit of mine and has gotten to the place where he can completely tune out the radio and not even realize that I've hit snooze over 20 times, then eventually gotten up to shower, got dressed, fed the cat and blown dry my hair before I finally wake him to say goodbye for the day.

Well this morning started out on a much more humorous note. At 6:30am my alarm starts off with "Rockstar" by Nickelback. Not the most soothing song to wake up to, so I groggily lean over to hit snooze. As I do, I hear from behind me "I want to be a star!" Huh? I roll over to face Jason and say "What honey?" And I kid you not - he repeats himself, while shooting his arm straight up into the air - "I want to be a star!" Oh my word - did that just happen? I was giggling about it all morning as I got ready. Then when I finally was ready to go and went to his side to wake him with a kiss and to say goodbye, I told him "You are never going to believe what you did in your sleep this time baby". He laughed so hard when I told him, he couldn't believe it. At some point, I want to film our sleep habits one night, I think it would be absolutely hilarious.


Katrina Hope said...

Oh my word! That's halarious!

John n Rach said...

That is so funny! Okay - I have to share one of my funniest stories: John has a bad of habit of falling asleep WHILE he is praying and often says funny things. One night he was praying for me a wonderful heartfelt prayer, until out of his mouth came, "Lord, I pray that she would come to love smoothies and milk products..." then he faded off into a bunch of gibberish until I could hold my laughter no longer and "woke" him up.

Katrina Hope said...

still waiting for those darn pictures!