Monday, October 08, 2007

Welcome To Our Home!

Let me give you the tour!
This is me opening our front door into our living room! I love the hardwood floors!! Any decorations you see actually belong to the seller, its supposed to be for staging. I guess they didn't really need them, cause we made an offer on the house the first day it was on the market!
This is our living room, the front door is on the left. And the windows on the left wall face the front porch.
We finally have a fireplace! Unfortunately the old homes are not safe for actual wood fires, this fireplace was originally intended for coal. But hey we have a mantal to hang stockings on!! And just beyond the living room you can see a glimpse into the master bedroom.
This is our master bath, which is right off the master bedroom and laundry room.

For a time it will be quite cozy, but we have some great expansion ideas for the future!
Here's another shot of the living room, taken from the dining room. We LOVE the original windows you see against the far wall. They need a little cleaning up, but they are so cute! This picture was taken from the dining room.
A wide entryway seperates the dining room from the living room. Jason and I would agree that the dining room is definately our favorite room in the house.
Here's Jason enjoying a corner from the dining room.

The windows to the right face out onto the front porch and you can see from the reflection on the floors, they let in a ton of natural light! Just beyond the dining room is the kitchen with brand new cabinets, stainless steel appliances, tile floors and gorgous Italian countertops and backsplash.
Through the kitchen is the hallways into the back bedrooms which will serve as Jason's Writing Room/Office and our guestroom.
It's a bit odd shaped for a hallway, but that's just part of the fun character that an old home posseses. If you look closely, you can see the back door that leads into the backyard.
Here's the view if you looked back from the hallway toward the kitchen and dining room.

It was hard to get a good overall shot of the bedrooms, but Tina did a great job at getting both windows. This is a picture of Jason's Writing Room/Office.
This is our guest bathroom that is located in the back of the house between the two back bedrooms.
Here's another shot of the guest bathroom. It also has new cabinets and all new fixtures.
This is our guest bedroom, which you can see the two windows and closest. It's bigger than it seems, but there was really no point in taking a picture of the blank walls :-)
And here we are Home Sweet Home!!
We're in the midst of finishing the loan process with the bank and title company. Once we've finished with that, we'll be able to close and start on repairing the foundation. The seller cut us a check to finish what he was unable to do before he left on his trip. So it should only take a couple weeks or so and then we'll be able to begin the moving process. Thankfully, there's no stress, because we have plenty of time to move our things from the apartment into our new home. We can't wait to see what memories God has in store for us as we open up our home to our friends, our family and all our loved ones. We even plan to extend our family with the addition of two Labrador puppies sometime after Thanksgiving!!


Katrina Hope said...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful! I love you and am so happy for you! Give Jason a hug for me! You guys are so awesome and once again, I love the house!

John n Rach said...

Wowser! What a beautiful home! Congrats!

John n Rach said...

Kim - John and I are wondering - what is the little dormer style window at the top of the house, visible from the front view of the house? Is that another room? Or just for "looks?" Rach

Kim & Jason said...

To answer your question John & Rach, the dormer window is from the attic. There's no stairs up there and its completely unfinished. Jason went up to check it out and apparently once you can get up inside, you can stand up in there, so at some point, we may try to figure out a way to finish it off and make it a play area or bonus room, but that's way off in the future!

Anonymous said...

Kim and Jason,
Your house is full of so much charactor and I cann't wait to see what you do make it yours. You are so great at decorating. I know it well be adorable
PS They have electric firepace inserts that pretty real that might make yours work.
Love mama