Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jason's Awesomeness

So I have this thing with Jason's facial hair. I'm a huge fan of when he keeps it all scruffy and Jack-like from Lost. Yummy.

But every time we head off to vacation, he takes the opportunity to shave it all off so his skin can breathe.

I thought you might all enjoy seeing the transformation take place, because truly it is quite a process and we go through this EVERY time we head out on vacation.

Everybody now....."awwwww". In this pic, he's looking all cute, scruffy and lovable - I just want to squeeze him!

During- Phase I:
Ok is it just me or has he morphed into a wanted-man who drives an 18 wheeler? SCARY!

During - Phase II:
Um, do I need words for this one?

After, MUCH After:
Aw yes, back to my hot, scruffy and yet goofball of a husband! Gotta love it!

1 comment:

Rachel Sarah said...

He must have a soft beard if you like it.
As much as I like the goatee look on John, his whiskers feel like 80 grit sandpaper, or a cactus! Doesn't help in the smoochin' department...hee hee, am I really posting this on a public blog?