Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yup, its been a week.

Sorry folks but I've just not been up to blogging lately. You see, I started advertising some freelance transcript services on Craigslist a while back and I got a bite. I was hoping to make a little extra cash to satisfy my spending cravings, so I thought what better way than to offer my typing skillz while sitting in the comfort of my own home in my pj's? Easy money right?


Yes, initially it was a great idea and I did land myself an awesome client from it. But at the same time, I WAY over committed myself into a gig where I had to transcribe NINE sermons in two weeknights and a weekend!!! I must have been feeling either incredibly over-confident or incredibly naive, because I was all - "sure, not a problem!". And the next thing I know, I'm not showering for two days with matted hair, swollen fingers, eating an entire box of Mini Nilla Wafers and then drank a bazillion glasses of sweet tea. All for like $5 an hour or something ridiculous like that. My bad.

Jason was all too sweet to offer to help, and without him I wouldn't have made my deadline, so he set to transcribing BY HAND in the living room with a pen and paper, while I was molding my butt into the shape of our office chair. Can I just say I'm still sore?

But I learned a valuable lesson from that weekend and will be now charging by the page, instead by the recorded hour. I am very grateful to have landed a wonderful, regular client where I'll be making some extra moola in the future.

The sermons I transcribed were for a local pastor by the name of Bishop Joseph Walker from Mt. Zion Baptist Church. This church, I kid you not, has over 21,000 members and like 4 locations. The pastor will literally drive from one service to the next doing like 6 services on one Sunday alone and leads two Bible studies during the week. Wow. And it was nothing short of the most entertaining and passionate messages I've ever heard - "CAN I GET A WITNESS UP IN HERE?!!" He embodies a true Sourthern Baptist Bishop pastor like you ever would imagine and I loved every minute of his messages.

Here were some of my favorite lines:

"You look at me when my money gets funny and my change is strange and my credit can't get it.."

and here's another phrase he said that just killed me....

"You will not come out of the wilderness Israel until God’s will is perfected in your life. Somebody needs to receive that word today because you’ve been praying, you’ve been crying, you’ve been kicking, you’ve been screaming, you’ve been saying, "Lord I’m ready to come out of this." But God says, "You’re not coming out until My will is perfected in your life. You can kick and scream under every conference, you can all get slapped on your forehead till you’re like a pig at the county fair, but you aint coming out until God’s will happens in your life."

or how about this one:

"Let’s be clear, God said, "First of all, the wilderness should have taught you that I don’t tolerate pride. That I had to take you through a wilderness to humble your tail because there are times in all of our lives where we get too big for our britches, where we get a big head, where we think we’ve got it going on."

And this is all just from one of the nine messages, it was seriously exhausting to type out, but so awesome to listen to!!

I got my church on!


Katrina Hope said...

That sounds like a cool gig kim! Not a bad idea actually....hmm....though I don't type nearly as fast as you. :/

I love ya!

(I've been checking for new posts!)

Rachel Sarah said...

Phew! I'm tired just reading about it. Great idea, though, for making some extra moo-lah.

Camille said...

That's HILARIOUS!!! If I wasn't a Mormon, I would totally move to Georgia and buddy up with the Baptists.

Just Tera said...

That's so cool. What a great idea and aren't you glad it was that rather than medical jargon or something? Other than the matted hair and long hours it almost seems fun....almost ;)

Rachel Sarah said...

My fav from this post: "slapped on your forehead till you’re like a pig at the county fair." That is quite a picture! (I think my husband would like it too!)