Monday, July 07, 2008

Back from Oregon

Hey y'all! We're back from the Oregon Coast and have done nothing but rest up since we walked in the front door. Our friend Jeff Batson picked us up from the airport at 9am Saturday morning after taking a redeye flight through Chicago and after dumping our stuff in the living room we crawled into bed and slept till 5pm. You'd think we would have been up all night, but after I read half a book and Jason watched the Boston Red Sox & Yankees game last night, we found ourselves back in bed again for another 8 hours of sleep.

I will say, it was really nice to walk through the front door of our own home and crawl into our own bed. When I woke up I had my beautiful man on one side of me and my sweet Banks curled up next to me on the other, it was sheer bliss.

I'm back at work now trying to adjust to the time change and the hot weather - not an easy thing to do. Once I'm able to get some pictures from my family of the trip, I'll post more details of the week on the Coast. Why is it that vacationing can sometimes be so exhausting?

More to come soon....


Rachel Sarah said...

Hi Kimmers - glad to see you're back - looking forward to seeing your pics. I know what you mean: it's great to get away and equally great to come home. You must have had some perfect weather on the Oregon coast... while it was 90 degrees here, I was thinking of you - what a perfect time to be at the ocean! love ya!

Rachel Sarah said...

p.s. love the "feet" header and love your new profile description. 3 1/2 years has gone by fast... John & I will be eight years this Sept!