Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Work Funnies

I had to share with y'all some hilarious things I've recently heard at work.

This morning I left for work with pillow lines on my face, arms and stomach. After sleeping through my alarm I only had 15 minutes to get ready and kiss Jason goodbye before stumbling out the door. As soon as I got in the office, I beelined to the kitchen to find myself a mug and creamer for the coffee I knew would be waiting at my desk (yes I have a coffee maker in my cubicle - its how I roll). My office manager Mary, who I absolutely love, was sitting at the table reading the morning paper and noticed my sluggishness. This is the conversation that then took place:

Mary: You look a little tired this morning.

Me: I'm so ridiculously exhausted. Once again I didn't get to bed before midnight.

Mary: Here's what you need to do. When you get home, take a nap, then get up to play with your husband and then go back to bed.

Uh-hum... truth is I went to bed late because we were at Jason's baseball game for over 2 hours and didn't get home till past 11pm, but I didn't get the chance to actually tell her that before she put her two cents in. You gotta love the free advice from the office manager - ha!!! Love that woman.

Then yesterday my attorney Paul comes up to my desk to share what his eldest of four boys said on the way to his dreaded baseball practice the other day. I laughed so hard, just try to imagine a 9 year old having this conversation with his mom.

Mom: Once we get to the park, how am I supposed to know what field your playing on?

Son: Just look for the sign that says, "Welcome to my personal hell".

Hope those bring a smile to your face as they did mine!

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Rachel Sarah said...

Funny! That 9 year old must have tough coach.