Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Feeling Helpless

On the way home from Jason's two softball games at Granny White Park last night, we decided to stop at Sonic so Jerry, Sherry, Jason and I could grab a quick treat.

As we're sitting there at the picnic tables eating our ice cream cones, I hear these little meows over and over again. I look across the parking lot and see the cutest little kitten. She looks maybe a few months old, absolutely darling and completely starving. So I get up and head across the parking lot to get a closer look. She starts rolling against the curb and begins moving closer and closer to me. One of the servers on roller skates comes over and says they've noticed a few kittens from what they think is the same litter and they've been leaving food out for them, though no one has been able to get close to this little creamy orange tabby. She offers to bring me some meat from the kitchen and maybe it will eat from me, since I'm the closest its let a person get to her.

5 minutes later I'm feeding this little cutie bits of a hamburger patty, she was just so darn hungry. Even Jason walked over and commented on just how beautiful she was.

And then I had to leave. It sucked and I'm still sick over it. It was so little and so helpless and I wasn't able to take her home with me. I'm still thinking about her.

Could you have left a little kitten just like this one?

picture from here.


Camille said...

Man, I don't even like cats, but there was this fiasco with one at my sister's house last month, and I thought I was going to die if I didn't help the pathetic little thing.

I know how you feel.

Katrina Hope said...

she's cute.... but man, I don't know anyone with the trackrecord of feeding poor starviong kitties like you have. If Jason let you take every one of them in, you'd be over run!

Kim and Jason said...

Jason likes to refer to me as the "Cat Whisperer".

Now you know why.

trish said...

ACK! You had to leave her there?? That must have been hard...

Lisa Michelle said...

Awww..I nearly teared up reading that, as that little orange tabby baby looks like my Oliver. Like you, I want to bring them all home too. Fortunately, I don't run into many strays! That said, I would have found a way to bring the kitty home, but that's just sneaky 'ole me..lol