Monday, September 08, 2008

Not Your Average Monday!

So this morning I got into work at 9:10am. 10 minutes later a man walks into our offices and sneaks into David's office down the hallway from me and steals two laptops and a blackberry device. David happened to be down the hall a couple offices talking to a co-worker during this robbery. An email was sent out to all of us here in the office notifying us what happened and those of us on the 27th floor were stunned that we didn't see this man or anything that took place!

A couple hours later a woman calls David at his desk and says that she has his blackberry and she's calling for the password to get into it. He was like. "Um no!" and then because he has a note posted on his blackberry offering a reward if found, she proceeds to have the nerve to ask for the reward in exchange for his blackberry. He asked how much she wanted for it and she said $30. $30!!! When David got off the phone with her he called the police, who immediately came into the office to discuss the robbery and they got back on the phone with the woman. Thinking she was only talking to David, she set up a meeting time and gave him her address. At 1:45pm today undercover detectives and officers set up a sting operation to meet the woman and retrieve the stolen blackberry and try to locate the laptops. After meeting the woman they were able to search her apartment (which was a different address than she originally gave) and they didn't find the laptops. She said that she got the blackberry from a guy who I'll call Jed for the time being, and she would take them to Jed right then!

The police meet Jed and asked him where he got the blackberry and apparently this guy isn't quite all there mentally, but he does give the police a description of the man who gave him the blackberry to which he gave in turn to the woman. Following me still??

Jed says the man that sold him the blackberry was a tall black man, average build, light blue shirt and dark blue pants. The police pass on the description to David here in our office and they head down to security to check the surveillance cameras. Sure enough, a man that fits that description exactly was seen walking the sky-bridge into our building at 9:20am, reading something on a blackberry and carrying a bag, then leaving the same way he came in at 10:00am.


So let's lay this all out for you. A man, more than likely armed, walks into our office FULL of people working in the middle of the morning and steals equipment not even 10 feet from my desk. I told David that either this man has an inside guy who told him exactly where to go and get out of there without being seen, OR he came into the office looking for the first thing to steal and thankfully seeing David's office first and unoccupied decided to go in there and take what he could. If for any reason, he passed on David's office within a few steps he would have ended up standing directly in front of Brooke and I.

In the end, it was really a blessing that he didn't run into anyone and that no one was hurt. The woman is being brought in for questioning and hopefully we'll know more sometime tomorrow. At first the whole thing was very exciting, but then once I realized how serious this could have been, its been extremely sobering.

Talk about your unusual Monday. Thank you God for watching out for us!


Camille said...

That's ABSURD! And a blessing, indeed. If it had happened to me, I might be having nightmares, thinking about what COULD have happened. Watching too many episodes of "Heroes" on DVD, probably. I should really quit.

trish said...

Wow! What a crazy start to your week! It is pretty sobering to think of what *could* have happened.