Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Poets & Pirates

This last weekend Jason and I drove up to Louisville, Kentucky to stay at a bed & breakfast for two nights and then spend all day Saturday at the Poet & Pirates Concert that Jason had bought us tickets for as my 30th birthday present back in June.

And it was such a great weekend too. I got off work at noon on Friday and headed home to meet Jason and get out on the road.
We stopped at Hardy's for a little bite to eat in Bowling Green and then arrived at our destination of the Columbine Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Louisville.

The house was gorgeous and so peaceful. Only one other girl was staying there that Friday night and then we had the house all to ourselves the rest of the weekend. My favorite spot that I wish I could have spent more time at, was the 2nd story porch overlooking the garden. What little time we did spend out there, was spent with me curled up reading in a wicker chair and Jason working on his music.

And the delicious breakfasts were all prepared by Rich, the inn-keeper. Usually these little old bed and breakfasts appear to be run by retired couples, but to our surprise this one was run by a younger man Rich and his partner Bob. They made for some hilarious and often entertaining conversations during breakfast.

Friday evening, we took a walking tour down 3rd street and oohed and awed over the century old homes.
It was so relaxing and peaceful just strolling along the tree-lined streets. We headed further into town for dinner and found a wonderful bistro called Bristol Bar & Grille where we had pasta, salad, soup and gelato.

Saturday after spending a lazy morning around the house, we got ready for the concert and got on the road for Indianapolis, which was close to a 2 hour drive. We got there just in time for the start of the 4pm concert. And talk about getting your money's worth of tickets - not only did we have floor seats, but the concert lasted a total of 8 hours!!! Luke Bryan was first up, followed by Gary Allen, then next came LeeAnn Rimes, Keith Urban and finally Kenny Chesney. Kenny's closing of the show lasted three hours alone! It was crazy fun and I enjoyed every single minute of it!! Here's some highlights in pictures of the concert: The concert was packed out, we didn't know it until that night, but apparently this was the first concert to be held in the brand new Lucas Oil Stadium. It was 90 degrees outside, so thankfully they kept the retractable roof closed until that evening.
Gary Allan was insane to see perform live. I'm definitely going to see him again when he's in town next. I can't believe Jason has met him, I would probably pee my pants if I met him in person.
LeeAnn sang like an angel. I love her soulful and jazzy style she's been workin lately. Its so fun and she is a great entertainer!
After LeeAnn performed, they opened up the roof and by then it was much cooler. The sky was clear and it was a perfect evening for a concert.
And be still my beating heart. Every woman in the stadium grew faint as Keith Urban took the stage. To be honest, I could have watched him perform the rest of the night and just left Kenny out of it. I'm not a huge Kenny Chesney fan, and I really don't get why he's been entertainer of the year three times in a row. Keith definitely deserves a shot at it!
At one point, someone threw a little pink onesie up on the stage at him and he tucked it into his back pocket as he performed, it was just way too cute.
His band was ridiculous. Like mesmerizing and sick good. It was unreal. I thought this was a cool shot I got of the crowd.
Boy does Kenny draw a crowd. People were losing their minds and their bras. The dude had a pile of them on the stage, I just don't get it. He's like 5 foot 4 people and truly not attractive! Nope, don't get it.
Uncle Kracker came out toward the end and sang with Kenny, which was pretty fun. Because this was the last stop of the tour, the concert turned into one big party lasting until 12:30am. When we finally got back out on the road we were starving and stopped at the Steak & Shake for a bite to eat. It wasn't until 3:30am before we crawled into bed back at the bed & breakfast in Louisville. But boy did we have a great time!!!Thanks baby for a great 30th birthday present!!


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I must go.

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WHAT FUN! I'm totally jealous. And I never knew Kentucky was so CUTE!