Monday, October 13, 2008

Just a tad tired

Camping this weekend was a blast! It ended up being 6 of us from our small group that could make it out - Ben & Alicia, Matt & Amy and us. Lots of pictures were taken by everyone and as soon as I get my hands on some copies, I'll be sure to post all about the weekend.

But it was definitely a great time and we hope to go camping more often as a group every fall and spring. There was some serious good food prepared, ghost stories, hiking, bathing princesses, campfires, smores, tent-shadow shows and over-crowded bathrooms! We made some great memories and I can't wait till our next trip!

After getting back to the house last night, Jason and I dumped our gear throughout the house and we headed to the guest room so he could watch the Red Sox games he had recorded while I took a bit of a nap. 6 hours later I woke up, only to stay awake for an hour and a half and go back to bed for another 9 hours of sleep. Can you say tired? None of us got the best sleep this weekend, due to some dogs barking, wind whipping and sloped campgrounds. What we could have used were some harnesses to strap us to our air mattresses, so we'd stop slipping down the hill. Good times, good times.

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as well!

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