Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh how I love thee...

This makes me ridiculously happy. I've been waiting for the return of this flavor since I was a wee girl :-)

Supposedly this Haagen-Daaz Honey Bee flavor is only for a limited time. So this one goes out to the head honchos at Haagen-Daaz.

"Honey Bee, you are my Honey Bee,
You make me happy, when skies are grey,
You'll never know dear how much I love you,
SO please Haagen-Daaz don't take my Honey Bee away."

The end.


Katrina Hope said...

haha, I remember you talking about this flavor when I was there. lol, I think your prayers are responsible for bringing it back (even if just for a time).

Camille said...

This reminds me of the song "The Light is You" by the band Said the Whale. The first line is, "Teddy bear, honey bee, something something something." It's so sweet, and totally catchy. If you look it up on iTunes, I'll buy a pint of the honey bee ice cream, and hopefully help Haagen Daaz see that it's too good a flavour to take away. Deal?

Kim said...

Deal Camille!

Maris said...

Any and all HD ice cream is amazing. I love their Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and also the Vanilla Swiss Almond.