Tuesday, October 28, 2008

PROFESSIONAL Camping pictures

Ben DeRienzo is not only a dear friend of ours, but he's also a professional photographer here in Nashville. He brought along a few different cameras on our camping trip and caught some really fun pictures that I thought you all might enjoy! Ben & Alicia
Matt Walter
Matt & Amy


Kim & Jason

Jason & Matt


Fall Creek Falls, Tennessee

Ben & Alicia (and Jason in the background)

Amy, Alicia & Kim

the girls

Amy & Matt

Amy, Kim & Alicia
I hope you enjoyed them!! Ben has some incredible pictures posted on his website you should check out too!!

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Loree and Roy said...

hey Kim! fun camping photos! Thanks for stopping by today to leave a comment, it's good to hear from you. I miss you and REALLY want to see you. I wish I could be there at this time of year when all the trees are turning! Seattle is actually SOOO pretty right now, I'm shocked. Normally it rains and pours so much by now that the leaves are all washed off the trees. But since we haven't had too much rain, it's beautiful!
Hope you have a Happy Holloween! Are you guys dressing up?