Friday, March 27, 2009

9 Week Puppy Roundup

The puppies will be 10 weeks old tomorrow and throughout this week Jason and I were able to catch some cute pictures of them around the house and in the yard. Some of you might find this completely boring, but how can you not just melt when you see these cute squishy faces??Jeep's the alpha-male, but Seven likes to pretend he is.
Grrr....Seven, show me what you got!
Play time is the chance for us to wear them out as much as possible so they're more mellow when we bring them back in the house. During the day, it's Jason's time with the boys.
Jeep is so sweet, look at those adorable droopy eyes.
I'm sure you can guess who's idea this was. You know they didn't climb up there on their own.
Boy do they love the dirt and grass.
One afternoon Seven climbed underneath the shed and found these rabbit legs. He drug those nasty things around the yard with his head held so high!
This is how it typically works with Jeep & Seven's play time. Jeep will be sitting there, minding his own business and happen to find a cool stick.
Seven will think that his stick is way cooler than the three million other sticks in the backyard and try to take it from him.
And this is how it will usually end....
And that would be Jason's leftover banana peel they're munching on.
So after they've played, eaten and pottied - its nap time y'all!
Here's Jeep already falling asleep on the back porch. He's ready for his afternoon nap.
And Seven is ready for his nap too. Come on dad, take me back inside already.
Kati - these pictures are for you! Recognize the collars you got Jason for Christmas?!! I think they're just a tad too big still :-)
I could kiss on these boys all day - well as long as they're not covered in mud and grime.Do you think Banks and the boys will ever be friends? I don't know. Last night they cornered her under the desk begging for her to play with them and she made a growl I've never heard her make before. It was like the rumble of a car engine! Jeep found the bed I bought for Banks that she never used and I dragged it out for him to check out. I'm guessing they like the bed quite a bit :-) I did not position them this way, they crawled in like that not even 5 minutes after I set it on the floor.
Looks like we'll be investing in some dog beds in the near future. We put the pet bed in the kitchen as Jason and I were making dinner last night and they were both passed out cold. Looks like I need to get a bigger bed for them soon.
Too stinkin cute.
It's been two days since we've had any accidents in the house, thank the Lord! They're learning so fast and have gotten down the commands of "get in your crate", "sit", "down", "go outside", "go potty" and "go to your bowl". They're such smart dogs and they're growing on us more every day.


Anonymous said...

Not enough pictures.. Got any more?

Camille said...

I'm not an animal lover, but you're actually making me want a dog! How funny. Cute pictures. I think it's good you got two at the same time---they can grow up being best buddies.

Rachel Sarah said...

little darlings!