Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A dream fulfilled...

My sweet husband Jason has had a dream for many, many years of one day having a couple labs of his own. As a matter of fact, he's had these future labs named since his days in college. And today, his dream started to become a reality.

After many hours spent online researching various shelters, breeders and ads, he was finally able to get in touch with a woman in Chickamauga, Georgia this afternoon to check out a litter of black & yellow labs.

Meanwhile, as he's driving South-East of Nashville, I'm back at work waiting to hear where this next venture outside of Nashville will take him. Whether it's been a 2 1/2 hours drive out to Savannah, Tennessee to only find out that the dam appeared mixed or hours spent on the phone to only be told by one pretentious breeder that "we wouldn't get anything out of our dogs, if we kept them in the backyard", we were hopeful that this may be the chance it works out in our favor.

So anyway....around 3pm this afternoon, I get a phonecall from Jason at my desk in what can only be described as pure giddiness and dreaminess of love at first sight. He was holding his puppies and asking me, "What should I do?!" His emotions were taking over and he could think of nothing but how adorable they are and how much he wanted them. I so wish I was there when he saw them for the first time, to see him so ecstatic.

But thankfully, he brought the camera with him!

Everyone, we'd like you to meet our new puppies, Jeep (yellow) and Seven (black)

Here's Jeep with a look that says, "Was I bad?"

This one's getting blown up and framed for our office. I love that their feet are crossed over each other.Seven is definitely a bit smaller than Jeep. But their parents are 90 lbs and 110 lbs respectively, so we know they'll get plenty big soon enough!

Seven is winking at Jason and saying to Jeep, "Brother, we so have this guy."

And finally, here is Jeep & Seven's mom Peaches, with their other siblings. Look how tiny they are! They are probably no more than a week old at this time.

One final awesome thing that I have to point out, is that Jeep & Seven were born January 17, 2009, which also happens to be the anniversary of the day Jason and I first met. Just something kinda cool we realized :-)


Camille said...

Cool! The day we get a dog, Kyle will be SO happy. Congrats!

Rachel Sarah said...

Hooray! Have fun!!

Katrina Hope said...

So cute....they'll be big already by the time I get out there :( Maybe you should pick up the chocolate fella while I am there!! YES?!! :)

Can't wait to play with these guys!

Love you Kimmers (and Jason!!!)

trish said...

OMG, puppies are the best thing ever. Until they pee in your house, but since they'll get big pretty quick, that probably won't be much of a problem for you. I have small dogs and they're ridiculously hard to house break. I have a will of steel, though, so mine are house broken. :-)

I wish I could come and play with your puppies!!

Vanessa Curtis said...

Congrats on the addition to your family! :) They're super cute.

Katie said...

Oh my, oh my, oh my! What sweet puppies! The black one looks just like our black lab did when she was a puppy. What sweeties!