Friday, March 13, 2009

Jason's anniversary of the day he was born!

Yesterday Jason celebrated the anniversary of the day he was born - or what most people call their birthdays. But he's not a huge fan of anyone making a fuss and calling attention to it, so I waited till the day after to share how we celebrated & a couple of the fun gifts he received!

First of all - if it isn't God's timing that Jason is getting his puppies just a few days after his birthday, I don't know what is! He has waited forever for these little guys, so its really special that we're getting them now.

As for celebrating, Jason took the day off from work and we were able to spend the first quiet evening at home together in 11 days. We ordered pizza, got in our comfy sweats and pj's and cozied up to open gifts and catch up on American Idol.

One of his gifts really touched him, and that was a video that his sister Kelley, her husband Scott and Kelley's third grade class made for him. You'll just have to take my word for it, cause I wasn't able to download it to the blog.

He also got a really cool set of DVD's called American History from his parents that he's really excited to watch.

And my gift to him was two tickets to see his favorite comedian, Brian Regan at the Ryman. He got pretty excited over that too :-)

For turning 38, it wasn't too bad of a birthday, huh baby?!

Love you - Mean It!


Camille said...

I've always wanted to see B.R. live---he's my fave. Happy birth-anniversary, Jason!

Katrina Hope said...

his reply last night to my "happy birthday" now makes so much more sense....YOU TOO! I laughed.

--I'd like you both to never forget who introduced him to the wonderful comedic ways of BR ;)


Melanie said...

YAY for Jason's birthday! :)

tina said...

We want to see pictures of the babies you brought home on Sunday! I want to see them in your cute house.

love you & happy birthday Jason!

Tina & fam