Monday, March 23, 2009

As only a sister can...

I didn't get a chance to fill everyone in on my trip out to Seattle a couple weeks back. It was quick, but really fun and I'm glad I got to see some friends, kiss some new babies and have lots of time with the family. My dad and I attended a full day of basketball games out at the Tacoma Dome to see the 4A State High School Basketball Tournament, just like old times.

Then that Saturday, my parents had planned for us girls to take some pictures together outside. I haven't seen the final results yet, but the candid shots that my mom and cousins took are great, and I had to share those with y'all.
We got all dressed up and headed down to Swamp Creek not too far from my parents house. The weather was typical Seattle weather, grey and drizzly. So why fight it right? That's the theme we went with and I know in some of the professional pics it was actually hailing!
Trying to find the perfect spot amongst all the mud and dog poo.
Of course it wouldn't be us, if we weren't cracking jokes and messing around the entire time.I wish I could remember what we thought was so funny. It might have had something to do with Kris commenting to "make love to the camera!"
These two are out of control when they're together.
Now it was time to get serious and our photographer started making weird noises to make us smile. Sorry dude, not working.
I love this shot of us. be together again as sisters. There truly is nothing like it. I miss them so much.
Kris commented that this is how we look when the paparazzi just won't leave us alone. Yup, true dat. It's rough being famous.
Back at the parents house, and just some more messin around. My sisters are more than just a pretty face, they're very intelligent as well. Their future husbands have no idea how lucky they will be!They're just so stinkin cute and so smart!
This is Kris', I'm-in-trouble look.
I love you and miss you both!!!!


Anonymous said...

I loved having you here! And I am glad we caught it on film to remember. As much of a pain taking pictures in the mud and hail was, I think it will be worth it.

Anonymous said...

That was me. Kristin

Camille said...

Aren't sisters FABULOUS?? I love mine so much. Last year, I got to see her almost every month (spoiled), but already this year I haven't seen her since Christmas. Summer can't come soon enough!

Katrina Hope said...

Aww, love you too Kimmers. And ps, I took almost all those pictures ...none were by mom and only two or three were by Kolleen. :)

Anonymous said...

You little braggert! :-P

Anonymous said...

We got the pics back and they turned out really well. I think you can access them online, you should ask mom or dad how to do it. they are better then I expected.