Monday, May 12, 2008

Book Update

With the beautiful weather outside in the upper 70's and low 80's, I'm beginning to crave good summer books to read. Some friends of mine started a book club, of which we haven't been doing so well at completing our first assignment - Pride & Prejudice. I get so easily distracted by the other books on my shelf that have I've been longing to read instead.

I've always enjoyed reading. Sometimes just the idea of picking up a new novel with a hot cup of coffee and curling up on the couch is more enjoyable than maybe the book itself. My love of books comes from my parents. My dad has always enjoyed reading - though he doesn't always have the time to read a whole lot. As way back as I can remember, Dad would sit me on his bed, pull out the Childrens Treasury of Literature, open it to the next story, lift it to his face and take a big sniff from the inside of the book, and then read to me while rubbing his knee in a circular pattern. I would be lying if I didn't say that I've often caught myself doing this very same ritual when starting a new book. I love the smell of the pages in a new book, there's something so comforting about it. As a little girl, my mom would take us to the library and we would literally fill up a box of books that we wanted to check out. Going to the library was like taking me to a candy store. I picked out as many as we could fit in that box and then once we checked them all out, we would head to the beach with books and blankets in hand and read in the sun watching the ferries go by. Those memories are some of my fondest.

I often think of those times every time I start a new book. I'm grateful to my parents for encouraging this passion of mine. I've learned so much about life and who I am just through reading.

So on with the books I've recently read:

The Pilots Wife by Anita Shreve
It was so good!! I absolutely loved it and had a hard time putting it down. It's an easy read and I really recommend it. I look forward to trying some of Anita Shreve's other books.

P.S. I Love You by Cecelia Ahern
Yes this is the same book the movie was made from starring Hilary Swank. I actually have still not seen the movie yet, but the book was really good, though a bit too long. I'm going to rent the movie soon to see if its anything like the book.

Currently Reading:

Simply Christian by N.T. Wright
I've been working on this book for-e-ver. It is anything but simple. But I experience this horrible guilt when I can't finish a book. I think in my whole life I've only not finished maybe 5 books. I honestly equate it as a sin of some kind - I can thank my dad for that, along with coloring the pages of my coloring book in order and never jumping ahead. I try to read a chapter a week, and go really slowly with no other distractions in the background. Its one of those books you find yourself re-reading paragraphs 2-3 times before moving on.

As It Is In Heaven by Niall Williams
I picked this one up at a little bookstore down the street from where I was serving Jury Duty back in Seattle a few years back (I believe the King County Courthouse had me on speed-dial). Anyway, it was kind of a grab & go situation and I'm finally getting around to reading it. It's very poetic in its writing style, but a bit weird too. Just when I'm about to get bored with it, then something will happen that keeps me going out of sheer curiosity. Not really one I'd recommend, but there are some beautiful lines every now and then.

Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
A classic I know, but I never find those very easy to read. It helps I've seen the movie, cause I can track with the author a bit better. Honestly I find the writing style a bit random and get easily confused which character is talking to who. I am glad it was chosen for our girls bookclub, cause at least I can say I've read Jane Austen. Now if I can just finish it.
My list of summer reads is ever growing, so I need to finish these up asap so I can get started on those!! I can't wait till our family trip to the Oregon coast over the 4th! I'm for sure packing some books for the flights, drives and beach!!


Katrina Hope said...

I find it interesting that you mentioned mom and dad, and said "we" would go to the beach...but never mentioned the two little minions who through books in the box with you, and got sand on your blanket....

..perhaps you will mention your sisters again when you get birthday cards from them???

I'm surprised you liked the Pilot's Wife, I loved it--- and couldn't put it down- until I had to THROW IT!

Also, I think we should pick out a book (probably a shorter one) that we can read on the drive from Portland to the beach house maybe? nah, we'll porbably end up talking, but it would be kind of fun to have everyone take turns reading it out loud through the drive.

Love you!

ps that pic of the little girl is so cute, I can see it being one of the old pics of you!

Anonymous said...

I loved the movie.. "P.S., I LOVE YOU"!! I saw it separately with both Kris and Kati.. and I just bought it so Lorette and I can see it. It's a keeper.. :-) Dad