Monday, May 19, 2008

It's Not Brain Surgery

Me: Honey, did you get my text?

Jason: About your dentist appointment for your wisdom tooth being moved?

Me: Yea. I swore they said it was going to be on Thursday, but apparently they scheduled it for tomorrow, Tuesday. (*big sigh*)

(long pause)

Jason: Are you ok?

Me: (*moan*) yes. I guess its not as bad as brain surgery.

Jason: (*giggle*) See, just think about that and it won't seem so bad.

Me: But it might as well be.


Rachel Sarah said...

I had all four taken out at once... the beginning of our intern year. If I can do it - yo can do it!
I'm glad you have a husband that help you bring things into perspective. I know he'll take good care of you, too. Take care.

Camille said...

Oh MY GOSH!! Having my wisdom teeth out is one of my three worst fears in life (#1 being child birth, and #2 being blood work/needles). We must be kindred spirits. Good LUCK!!! (I still haven't had mine out, and all 4 of them should have come out 2 years ago...)

Rachel Sarah said...

So, how did your "brain surgery" turn out? All went well?