Monday, May 05, 2008

All Growed Up.

Sorry everyone I've been so sporadic with my posts lately. To catch you up, my birthday was a mix of emotions - excited, blessed, anxious, scared, exhausted... the morning started out great when I was surprised by my friend Brooke at work with a huge giant donut in the shape of a "3-0". My friends all joined me in the kitchen and we had coffee & donuts together. (Brooke has a picture of this that I'll post when I get it from her).

After about an hour at my desk, I still felt pretty awful and decided to call my doctor again to give him the update. Dr. Tai had me come in to see him that afternoon and thankfully Jason having the day off said he would come with me in case there were to be needles involved...yuk. For those of you that don't know - needles and me have a tendency to not mix well. I'd been sick for 2 1/2 weeks with this costochondritis crap and was starting to feel new symptoms in my neck which was making me nervous. Dr. Tai and his intern examined me and said they really felt they needed to do some blood work. Awesome, on my birthday. But Jason was there, so really it was the best time to do it. I told Dr. Tai - "Get all you can now, cause its the last time your going to get it for a while - so stock up and test the crap out of it". When the lab tech first walked in with her plethora of tubes, I got so freaked out. I asked her if she would mind I take my little "happy pill" and come back in 30 minutes, which she had no problem doing. So I sat there with Jason trying to chill and praying this half a pill I had taken would do its thing and do it fast. 30 minutes later she came back - and I was much calmer to where I was no longer jumping off the examination table. I am proud to say, that I stayed conscious through all 6 tubes of blood she took - yeah victory!!! I have a history of passing out and oftentimes going into a convulsion, which makes me VERY leery of needles altogether - they call it a vaso vagular reaction. But I was good and when it was over gave Jason a high five and thanked my highly skilled lab tech Joanna. Oh yes, her name will be going down in the chart. At one point, Jason was so impressed with Joanna's skillz, because apparently she was switchin' out these tubes one-handed (as he later - MUCH later - told me) and then he started to ask her "how many of those...." to which I immediately interrupted with "STOP!! I don't want to know - don't you dare finish that question!!" And thank God he didn't ask and she didn't answer.

Around 5pm, I get back to work and discover a huge beautiful bouquet of flowers from my parents that I had missed receiving while I was at the doctor! They are so pretty and now sit on top of my fireplace where Banks can't eat them. (Again, I need to get a picture posted of them!) And when I got home, there was a large box sitting on my dining room table. I didn't know where it came from, and Jason says to open it. IT WAS MY TIVO!!!! There wasn't a card attached, so Jason explained it was from the Frees family~!!! I was freakin out, jumping up and down!! And then I had to sit down to catch my breath. I really wasn't trying to hint at anyone for a TIVO when I blogged about it (Addie ;-)) - I was really just setting a goal for myself and letting y'all in on it. But I was so blessed and excited!! Then Jason gave me a super sweet card and a gift certificate to Old Time Pottery so I can get my fix of shopping for the house!!

Hours later I was able to still go out with my friends to Bonefish for dinner and they totally blessed me with some fun gifts and a great time. They even chalked my rear window in hot pink with "Happy 30th B-Day!". It was awesome. My mantle is filled with cards and flowers, and I feel so blessed. 30 wasn't so bad after all. :-)

On Thursday I worked a half day, per my doctors order and later received my blood results that I had tested positive for mono. Seriously, what the heck. I rested all Thursday afternoon, stayed home all day Friday and layed low all weekend. Turns out, after we found out this lovely news, Jason told me that he had planned a surprise weekend away in Alabama at a beautiful B&B for my birthday, to which we had to cancel since I was sick. I was so bummed out. A weekend away would have been so perfect. But since Jason had already taken work off, he was home with me which really kept me from going insane after being cooped up for 4 days. I literally was climbing the walls with cabin fever. He was so wonderful by cleaning the house, cooking, working in the yard, watching Indiana Jones movies with me...I loved having the time with him. Now I'm back at work going r-e-a-l-l-y s-l-o-w so I don't burn myself out. So there's the latest - hopefully I'll get pictures soon to post from my birthday. Thank you to everyone for being so sweet and all your phone calls and cards - it really made what could have been a depressing birthday, actually really great.

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