Thursday, June 05, 2008

Simply The Best

Jason had the night off from work yesterday, so I had asked if we could plan on having a quiet night at home. In order to recharge my batteries, I have to have down-time and the last week has been draining me with a lot of running around.
So I get home from work and to my surprise there's a lemon cake and a card sitting on the dining room table. I was wondering what we were celebrating, but was excited all the same! Jason looks at me and says, "Happy 30th Birthday!" Huh? He explains since he was never able to bake me a cake cause I was so sick over my birthday, that he owed me a cake. How cute is that??!!! Lemon cake is my favorite, and believe me I know that I've been blessed to have married a man that can bake!! The card was really thick too, so I ask if he wanted me to wait and he said, no to open it right then.
Inside the card, there was a printout description of the Columbine Bed & Breakfast in Louisville, Kentucky. Sweet! The weekend of my birthday Jason had asked for work off to surprise me with a weekend away, but because I was sick we were unable to go. So he had rescheduled another weekend away for us! The description of the room and bath sound wonderful - sleigh bed, garden view, marble fireplace, claw foot tub - I cant' wait!
As I turned to the next page, there were printouts of tickets from Ticketmaster. I wasn't quite sure what I was looking at, so I went to the next page and saw this:
Whoohooo!!!! 28th row to see Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Gary Allan & LeeAnn Rimes!!!!!!!! This will be the most freakin awesome concert ever!!! The concert is being held at the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on September 13th, which means we're going to stay at the B&B through the weekend and make the drive up to the concert on Saturday. I was so excited that I started jumping up and down screaming!! A weekend away with my man at a beautiful b&b, an awesome concert that will be sure to last for really doesn't get better than this!!
I love you sweetie and am so grateful for you, you really are simply the best ;-)


Katrina Hope said...

Awwww. Gary??!!

Camille said...

That's so sweet! What a nice husband you have!