Wednesday, April 02, 2008

American Idol

So this last Monday, Jason and I entered a song of his into the American Idol Songwriting competition. Just like last year, they open up a competition where songwriters can submit a song of theirs that could possibly be chosen as one of the top 20 songs that will be voted on by the public. They don't announce these songs on the actual show, but on their website American Idol and people can go there to register to vote for free and then pick which of the top 20 songs they like the best, which have been chosen out of the thousands of songs submitted. The winning and most popular song out of those top 20 songs will be sung by the winning American Idol contestant on the season finale. Just like Jordan Sparks from last year sang "This Is My Now". And the winning song will also be a single on that contestant's new album and finally the songwriters will be offered a publishing deal. We know its a HUGE long shot, but I believe in a God where ANYTHING is possible. After all - there were THOUSANDS of single men out there on a website that I happened to be browsing one week and I found the ONE man God had for me, my needle-in-a-haystack if you will - so I believe that anything is possible!!

The top 20 songs will be chosen by the American Idol A&R team by April 10th. If we hear anything at all, you can count on us sending out emails, phone calls, newsletters, whatever we can to spread the word. But I don't want to get ahead of ourselves. For now, what we need our friends & family to do - is to please stand with us and pray that God would open this door of opportunity for us - IF it is His will. This may not be our time, and that's ok. But we do know we are in the will of God for His plan for our lives, so we're taking every opportunity we're given to take that step of faith.

Oh! And before I forget - Jason's song is called "Be The Change". He wrote it with Lindsey Grant, who has a publishing deal and a record contract with Midas Music. She's the one actually singing the song on the demo. It's VERY rough, they recorded it Monday morning, dropped the CD off to me and I uploaded it with their entry to American Idol. But regardless, the song is great - and there may even be a chance that Lindsey might record for her next album. So who knows - this song could really go places!

If you want to hear the song, just push play on the little MP3 player below. Again, remember its not like his typical demos with a full band in a recording studio - its just Jason on guitar and Lindsey singing in the Midas offices.

(copywrited by Over The Monster Music)

And for those of you that missed it - check out Dolly Parton's performance of her new single "Jesus and Gravity" from Wednesday's night American Idol show. She starts praisin and having church up in there!! And finishes her song by saying, "Hallelujah Simon!"


Anonymous said...

Good song.. Inspirational.. Hope it goes to the top of the list. I would like "American Idol" then too. It sounds like things are getting closer and closer. have Faith.. it'll come. Can't wait to hear the finished version! Love Yas
Dad T

Anonymous said...

I Love this song! But I noticed that the show is not kind to anything Christian. This song has too much of a message of how to be a great person and would probably offend a perticular judge on the show. I think it could really be used by God and I cann"t wait to see what He whants to with this.

Kim & Jason said...

Mom you must have commented on this before watching the show Tuesday night. And last night Dolly Parton sang her new song "Gravity and Jesus" and told Simon Cowell "Hallelujah Simon!" She was having church! AMEN! Then the Clarks Brothers also performed last night their song about Jesus. AND about 3 of the finalists sang Dolly's songs about Jesus on Tuesday night's show :-) Jason's song is not nearly as blantant as all those were and they broadcast those loud and proud on the show the last two nights - so you never know! That's the great thing about country music - Christianity, God, Jesus and the Bible are OFTEN found in the lyrics of country music on the radio. Thanks for believing in the song, I believe God's going to use it too!

Camille said...

I thought that had a good message--an American Idol Winner-type message. I'll vote for it if it gets in the top 20!