Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm Done With VCR's!

One of the joys of being married to someone with an opposite schedule, is that there are very few opportunities during a 24 hour day to get in some quality communication.

This week has been such one of those weeks, where we squeeze in a quick 5 minute phone call here or a cup of coffee there trying to remember to mention all the important reminders or things we need to go over, like for instance recording our favorite tv shows.

In my effort to preserve watching our most beloved tv shows together, I had set up our archaic VCR to record American Idol on both Tuesday & Wednesday.


Communication Breakdown #1 - Wednesday night and I'm home licking my wounds from the day and decide that I might as well have American Idol on the background to see who gets kicked off since I'll find out from someone inadvertently mentioning it at work anyway. But then my sister Kati calls and I'd much rather talk to her, and after all I am taping the show to watch later. An hour or so later, Jason calls to check on me and as I'm obviously a bit hopped up on Codeine, Advil and whatever else is in my prescription goodies bag - I mention that I had American Idol on in the background - though I think I remember mentioning I wasn't sure if I caught who actually went home.

Communication Breakdown #2- Thursday at coffee went something like this (remember still drugged, so probably not quite accurate). Jason explaining that he **smirking** stayed up late Wednesday night watching American Idol, since I already knew who got kicked off. Granted, I watched all maybe 5 minutes of the show from Wednesday night and nothing from Tuesday, though I did mention that someone at work spilled the beans anyway, so I knew who went home. Then later that night I remember saying something like "You didn't watch Hell's Kitchen without me did you?!!" And he was all "no, I wouldn't do that! I only watched AI cause you said you had seen it." OK close enough, but whatever.


Thursday night comes along and I think to myself, Jason will be so excited that I remembered that Lost was back on this week and that I taped it for him. I'm such a good wife. So I set it all up and hit record.

Communication Breakdown #3 - Friday at coffee went something like this.
Me - "Since you've already seen Idol, I'll just go home tonight and watch both shows."
Him - "Sounds good"
Me - "Then this weekend we can catch up on all our favs, like Hell's Kitchen & Lost that I remembered to record!!"
Him - "Cool". (or something to that affect).

Then...Are you foreseeing the problem yet???

Oh! I didn't tell you that I REWOUND THE WHOLE TAPE AFTER WATCHING AMERICAN IDOL?? (BLEEPITY BLEEP!!) I get home from work, change into some comfy pj's for a cozy night of relaxation, pour a nice big cold glass of Pepsi, take a codeine and curl up to watch American Idol. Except, the ONLY thing on the tape IS LOST. I'm not mad at him, its not his fault, he didn't realize that Lost was on this week and didn't think there was any reason not to rewind it. It's just an example of how hard we have to work at communicating with the little time we get together. I love you baby, its not your fault.

BUT I'm officially done with VCR's. Done. Over.

This little guy is soon to become my new little best friend.

From now I'm on a mission to obtain one of these prized and oh-so-worth-the-money pieces of beautiful technology in order to save myself from more tears of eaten up tapes, recorded over shows and forgotten daylight savings time changes. Trust me - there's been A LOT of tears.

$100 TiVo Series2 DT DVR. Capable of recording 80 hours of shows, two at a time and with a service plan of $13 a month. Can it really be? Think of the stress this little baby will save us (me).
Watch me make it happen.


Camille said...

Way to make it your goal!!

That really sucks about missing American Idol--but at least you didn't miss anything phenomenal. I mean, I thought with Andrew Lloyd Webber we'd get some AMAZING music, but most of it was

Let us know how you like the TiVo!

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