Monday, April 07, 2008

This is for you Jess!

I think we watched this scene about a million times :-)

I sure do miss roommate time with ya Jess! Hope your well and we'll schedule a phone call soon!!

For those of you that don't know - one of my best friends Jessica Griffith is stationed out on an Air Force base in Germany with her husband Ben who's a fighter pilot. Well actually, Jess is in Germany and Ben was deployed out on a mission in January. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers!!

Here's some pics she sent me the day Ben was deployed:

I love and miss you girl! Your never far from my thoughts!


Tina said...

This scene is one of my all time favorites. Didn't everyone want to find their own fighter pilot? I would have taken Iceman's wingman any day - i can't even remember his name now.

Jess your living my wannabe life! ;-)

I'll be praying Ben comes home safe!

Kim & Jason said...

SLIDER! Ha haa!! How can you forget Slider Teen?

Tina said...

I thought that was his name but I wasn't sure... I was afraid I would be wrong. i think it's better to forget completely then to remember incorrectly.

Funny thing is when Jay is buff and has a longer crew cut he looks similar. Now if only he could fly a plane... all that wishful thinking might have paid off. :-) he he

Anonymous said...

My current saying around the squadron is "TOP GUN LIED TO ALL THE WIVES" there is no slider in sweat pants...but there are several "gooses"

Thanks for the prayers my sweetie is coming home soon! We are halfway through and its all down hill from here. I am getting out my books on how to cook dinner every night, wash dishes and do laundry again. WHEW stressful!


Anonymous said...

Are you free this weekend? Phone date?

Kim & Jason said...

Phone date yes! I'll make time, you just tell me when it works for you Jess!! I never know if my mornings or evenings are better with the time change on your end. I got your voicemail too by the way - it cracked me up! I can't believe I left my cell phone for one minute and missed your call - dangit!