Monday, April 28, 2008

He's So Good To Me

I married the best, what can I say? And I should be able to say that without making anyone gag, cause I think being married for over 2 years qualifies us as no longer newlyweds. (*sniff*)

No but really, I haven't exactly been a real picnic to be around the last couple weeks. I've been irritable, exhausted, lazy and anxious. I get easily frustrated that I can't do the simple tasks that I so badly feel need to be done around the house and instead I've only been able to lay around and read, sew or watch movies. I did however probably push myself a little too much this weekend by cleaning the bathroom and the kitchen, but it so badly needed doing, I thought it was worth the pain. So I took a little something before bed to relax and get a good nights sleep on Saturday night so I would be all rested to teach with Jason on Sunday morning to our 4th graders. Only I didn't sleep. Like at all. Ok, maybe 2 hours. It sucked. I got up around 7am to head to the bathroom, cause I'm peeing like every 2 hours with all the water I'm downing and was a little off-balance from the drugs and pure exhaustion and managed to somehow miss sitting fully on the toilet, slid completely off and fell straight into the side of the bathtub jarring my left shoulder and arm. Awesome, I know.

So after what I thought was going to be a weekend of finally getting over this virus, I managed to re-injure myself and cause more pain - in a slightly stupid and embarrassing way. Yeah, that was a fun phone call to my doctor this morning. "I sorta the toilet...into the tub." So after my fall, I crawl back into bed, crying and already feeling defeated for the day. Jason gets up and once again, two weeks in a row, goes off and handles our crazy group of 4th graders at church alone. My hero. I hate that I wasn't able to be with him and help out. They can be quite a handful at times, but nothing Jason can't handle. So I kiss him goodbye, take another codeine and try to get a little more sleep. 4 1/2 hours later and I wake to the heavenly aroma of Fat Mo's burgers and fries. Hallelujah, a new start to the day. It only got better from there. I had my man for the entire day all to myself and we were able to hang out and relax. And the cherry on top - I walk around the corner of my freshly clean kitchen and sitting there on the counter is my favorite frosted coconut and maple Shipley's Donuts. He's just that good to me.

Thank you baby for being so patient and wonderful while I've been sick. You've done more than you know. I love you beyond words.


Rachel Sarah said...

Toilets, Bath Tubs and Kim, Oh My!

Camille said...

That's really sweet of him. Good thing you're milking the'll be glad later, once you're all better and have to do things for yourself again.

I know I always am.

Katrina Hope said...

UPDATE....UPDATE....uhum. :P