Friday, April 11, 2008

Game On

This was the conversation between one of my bosses and myself this afternoon:

my boss: could you change the date on this letter to today and not the 11th?

me: ok, but today IS the 11th.

my boss: when did it become the 11th?

me: at about midnight last night.

my boss: huh.

me: try to keep up, the game is constantly moving.

....and then we both had a good laugh :-)


Katrina Hope said...

Paul? or Larry?

Kim & Jason said...


Katrina Hope said...

that's who I thought, lol.

I miss teasing him. Tell him I'm coming in September, and bringing him a stock of real coffee... STARBUCKS roast. ;)

(funny thing is- you and i both don't even like starbucks that much, especially that one in your building...but it is so fun to give him a hard time!)

I LOVE YOU TONS! Can't wait to talk and hear about your week. :) I'm getting a new phone plan- i need more minutes, lol