Monday, June 23, 2008

Another lesson in southern living....

So I've learned about yet another very Southern tradition known as the "Wedding Portrait". Or is it more than just a southern thing? Have any of you heard of this? Apparently, the VERY traditional thing to do here is 2-3 months before your actual wedding to have a photo session with your photographer in your wedding gown, just the bride alone and then take those portrait pictures and send them out with your wedding announcements! AND also use that photo in your announcement in the local paper. Just the bride in her dress, no groom in the photo at all. WEIRD. PLUS, that portrait of the bride is displayed at the reception. Now I know of many engagement photos that are used in invitations and displayed at receptions, but nothing this formal of just the bride. It all seems very strange to me. And yes, this type of thing still regularly occurs here in the South, because I learned of all this from my friend Brooke who is attending her friend's "bridal portrait" session on Thursday.

What do you all think of this? Have you heard of it before? Is it just a southern thing?? Can you imagine paying to get your hair and makeup done TWICE!?

I need your thoughts people.

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Katrina Hope said...

not only that, but you'd have to order your dress even further out, so you could already have had it fitted to your size 2-3 months out from your wedding...which I'd guess will be different than most girls' sizes on their wedding day (due to stress and dieting, and exercise).

I don't really like it...but that explains why in our old family photos, we have pictures of just the bride in her gown, clearly in a studio (all white background), I hadn't really thought of that before. And that is kind of cool to have that I suppose, but it could be taken the same day...and I know I want my hubby to be in all my photos with me...especially the ones that get sent out, and the is about a WEDDING, meaning the joining of TWO people, lol.

That is interesting though...and I am usually all for tradition :)