Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jason's Sleep Adventures

Around 6am Tuesday morning I wake out of a dead sleep to Jason's singing. No actual words were coming out, he was just "ahhing" out some notes, then he'd drop down into a hum. So I shushed him and he responds with "what?" as if he's all hurt I've shushed him. So I tell him, "honey your singing" - so he stops and falls back asleep.

A couple hours later my alarm goes off to get ready for work. I'm getting dressed and start to giggle remembering his sleep-singing from earlier in the morning. He sorta comes to and we had this conversation:

Jason: "whatchya doin?"

me: "sorry honey to wake you. Do you remember singing this morning?"

Jason: "I was on a slave ship."

me: "are you telling me you were black in another life?"

Jason: "that's why I like reggae"

me: "then I will call you Jamal"

Jason: "ok"

Later last night on the way home from Jason's softball game I brought up the singing again. He was like - "what are you talking about?" ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Not only did he not remember singing, but he was also sleep-talking through our ENTIRE conversation that morning!! I'm telling y'all, he's a trip when he sleeps. You never know what to expect from him. When I recounted the entire conversation to him on the way home, I was afraid he was going to drive the car off the side of the road from laughing so hard. He was wheezing and choking because he was so floored that he said all of that.



Anonymous said...

Yeah... unbelievable - someone who talks in his sleep. I can't imagine how anyone could do that..
I knew a person who not only talked in their sleep, BUT also walked around the house doing it?!
If you can imagine that??? :-)

Anonymous said...

O-O_OH! I know a GIRL who not only did that, she preached bible verses and fought with her friends in her sleep. You never knew what to be prepared for.....
IF you can imagine that ??????::___
Once the mom tried to get her to clean but that didn"t fly. She just stood their sound alseep. (As the story goes) Her poor parents, they must of had many of sleepless nights. The saints, they were, they never complained. God bless them.

Kim & Jason said...

ok, so maybe we're both weird.

Katrina Hope said...

waiting for a new post sista :) love u.

Katrina Hope said...

CAN PEOPLE SIGN THEIR NAMES PLLLEEEEASSEEE!??! I know these are probably both my family members, but its driving me crazy not being able to tell for sure who's writing (I know the first is dad- and he takes such pleasure in us being able to recognize his voice that he refuses to sign his name....but please, please people!!!)