Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oh I totally dig this

I checked out the link on Rachel's site to and now I'm in love.

To be able to list all the books out that I've read, want to read, am currently reading and even create my own lists is an oh-so beautiful thing. I used to keep a list in my Outlook at work, but this is SO much better. Plus I can read others reviews, descriptions and see the book covers.

You can check out my to-read list by clicking here. Then I added the widget on the right side of my blog with my summer reading list. It even automatically updates when I update my page in Did I mention yet that I'm in love with this thing???!!!

I SO recommend this site. Love it, love it, love it. I'm sure this old news to many of you who've already heard of this site, but where have I been??!!

If you become a member yourself add me as your friend by looking up my name - Kimberly Keith!


Katrina Hope said...

haha- I just did the same thing (after you sent me the email invite) took me a while to figure out how to do it, but I knew I'd seen a widget for it on Rachel's I knew there was a way! :)

When you click on the books it automatically tells you any reviews or ratings your friends have given the book- I love that...definitely helping me prioritize which books to start with this summer--- wooohoooo! Love'n it kimmers!!! SO FUN!

Rachel Sarah said...

sweeeeet.... I love love love this site too. I think I heard of it thru Jen Staab. For years, I've been keeping track of books I've read - just on a Word doc... now I'm transferring everything over to good reads. I've looked at other sites: Library Thing, Shelfari - but I like Good Reads the best. It will be even more fun with you and your sis' on there.