Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Show Me The Money!!

That's what I said to my Office Manager when I met with her for my yearly review this morning. She smiled and told me I was getting a raise - yippeee!!! I asked her if my guys were pleased with my performance and she said very much so.

It comes at the perfect time, cause summer is pretty slow at Mortons and I really don't want my hunny to have to get another job. So hopefully this should give us the boost we've been needing lately. I snuck into an empty board room to call Jason and give him the news. We're both pretty stinkin excited.

Later my attorney Paul came out to ask if I had been told or not and I said yes, that I was very happy and excited. He said he had actually tried pulling for more, awww.... I freakin love my job. During a time when the economy hasn't been doing well and is affecting many people, I feel very blessed and am so grateful that God has continued to take care of us.


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nice job Kim! love you, Jessica