Thursday, June 26, 2008

One Day To Go!!

This morning my friend Leslie and I had a bonding moment, when we both discovered how insanely OCD we can be when preparing for a trip. I shared with her my 5 page meal and activity itinerary, 3 page packing list and 4 day to do list before I leave. She asked if once I printed it all out, if she could pet it! LOL! Only cause she understands my obsessiveness with lists did I expose this vulnerable side of me. Jason laughs every time he sees my packing list all checked off next to my luggage the night before we head out of town. And not only do I use that list to pack, including a list of all outfits written out down to the color of my undies, but I also pack the list so that when I leave from vacation I'm sure I haven't forgotten anything. I mean, how many of us have actually left our shampoo & conditioner in a guest shower before?? I hate that! Or grab an outfit and leave a very vital piece at home completely ruining the outfit and thereby having to commit a greater faux pas by having to wear the same outfit twice! So not cool.

But I believe I'm pretty set to go. All I got to do is pack the bags and count down the hours till I'm on that plane!!! Our laundry is washed, the bathrooms cleaned, the snacks bought, the ride to the airport arranged, the boss' taken care of, my beach books picked out, batteries charged, the pedicure done, the legs shaved, the travel packet and driving directions set out....argh! The anticipation is killing me!!!

Oh and this is my new do and sunglasses for the summer :-)

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Katrina Hope said...

Cute to both! I love the sunglasses and the hair style, kinda funky and fun!! :0 Can't wait to see you in TWO DAYS!!!!!