Friday, June 06, 2008

My Peeps

(Angela, Me, Melissa, Brooke & Kacie)
I happen to love where I work. Maybe not necessarily what I do particularly, but I take pride in doing my job well. I love having a 9-5 job where when the day is through, I leave it all behind me and enjoy my evenings and weekends. I LOVE that my boss' NEVER call my cell phone nor do they desire to even have my cell phone number. I love that I have a great working and sincere relationship with all three of my attorneys. They may drive me a little batty sometimes, or even a lot of times, but they are respectful, genuine, honest and appreciative - and I'm so grateful that God has placed me here. In addition to the great guys I work for, I also have some awesome co-workers. I've developed numerous friends from work that I hang out with on a regular basis and we really have a great time together.
(Myself & Angela)
This last Monday evening a group of us got together for dinner at Cabana to wish Melissa well as she and her fiance Scott move to North Carolina. We sat outside in the perfect 80 degree evening weather sipping drinks, enjoying some delish food and having some great conversation.

(David & Scott)

(Melissa & Kacie)

Even while we were there, Jay Demarcus from Rascal Flatts walked in with his wife and sat behind us for dinner. Only in Nashville.

(Me, Angela, Melissa & Kacie)

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Katrina Hope said...

Those pictures of you are sooo adorable- especially that one of you and GOOD LOOKN, that's right, my sista!!!

I love you kimmers...see you soon!

Kati Lady